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I plan to make a return to blogging sometime in the very near future. I am debating on what to put here. There may be a shift in topics!

Simple Mortal Kombat Error Fix

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For those of you trying to play Mortal Kombat X, and have been getting the “CE-34878-0” error upon startup,  there is a very easy workaround for this error. Simply go into your ps4 settings,  go to network,  and uncheck the network tab. Then go start up MK X, it will run fine now.  Once you’re past the splash screen with the logos,  just press the PS button and recheck the network box again.

WBGames acknowledged this error and has posted a workaround here Workaround. While this works as well,  I find it easier to simply go offline for a second,  launch the game then go back online, rather than signing out and having to retype your password and sign in all over again.

Hopefully this will get fixed soon!

Day 3 Playstation 4 Impressions

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It already seems like forever since I’ve had my new Playstation 4 Unit. I knew that upon buying it there would be a single title that interested me and not much more. For me: that title was Battlefield 4! I was eagarly looking forward to the rumored 64 player modes and vehicle warfare promised by Dice. Sadly: The game comes with only 1 or 2 playable modes: Rush, and Deathmatch. Other modes are completely unplayable, Servers playing any other mode besides Rush are none-existant on Playstation 4. While PS3 works flawlessly.

Day 1 and part of day 2 of my Playstation 4 were spent downloading gigs and gigs of updates and game files… 33gig install here, 28 gig install there, 24gigs for this and 18 gigs for that. Every game had something to install, but first it had to be downloaded online. That is a lot of bandwidth being used! After the long download hours it was time to install…. Now this is where I was actually impressed with the PS4: While I played through the campegn on my new digital copy of BF4 I had several F2P MMO’s downlaod and install in the background! No more waiting around staring at an install screen… Frozen until it finishes. With the PS4 you can watch movies, browse around the net or even play a game and applications will continue to download and install while you do whatever it is.

However, this seems to be the single aspect that excites me about my PS4. When it came to my Playstation 3: It was my all-in-one media hub. I’ve transfered all my music from my phone to my playstation. I’ve imported google music to it as well. I have hours and hours of music. I’ve used it to play back said music while I’m at my computer, or hosting parties with friends.

I have over 350gigs worth of movies downloaded on my PS3 as well. It IS in fact my main player for media. On top of that I have a host of downloaded movies from VuDu and the Playstation 3 store (PSN store). I’ve got slideshows of favorite moments in my pictures folder, along with photo slideshows using the PS3 software complete with music. Some photos are ones I use for custom Themes, icons and other customization on my PS3.

None of this: Can you expect to see on Playstation 4. It seems Sony has gone out of it’s way to make sure you absolutely cannot customize your PS4 in any way other than to give them money using their own music and video service. They’ve gone to such lengths that you can no longer download your VuDu movies for offline viewing. Nor can you download your PSN purchased movies. Everything MUST now be streamed via the internet. Viewing custom movies you import via smartphone set in “USB” mode, thumbdrive or external HDD is impossible and no longer supported. The same can be said about photos & music as well.

Theme’s have been done away with as well. For me, combing all the above together, no themes, imported media allowed makes the ps4 seem rather bare at the moment. All the things I love about my PS3, everything that made it my one choice to do everything I could imagine, plus play great games is gone with the PS4. There are brief mentions on the playstation questions list here that states they do not support media hub application but they “appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities”. The same is stated for backwards compatibility with PS1-3 video games. For gaming: They will release a cloud-based service to allow you to play your old games on the PlayStation 4 console. I am sure something similar may be released for music and video as well, or at least: one would hope so! Youtube has even been taken out from the PlayStation’s list of applications at launch.

Over-all I would say give it a lot of time to see where the console is headed in the future. As of now: it mostly seems like quite a large step down as a media hub and gaming machine. It does, however, have some great potential with it’s new hardware specifications and the cloud service that will be integrated into PSN at a later date. This is one generation that will bloom rather late. I am sure once some major titles get released (Such as the new Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, the new Final Fantasy, GT 6, and others: it will shine. But for now: I would recommend holding off on picking one up. I’d be curious to hear people’s comments comparing the Xbox to the Xbox One as well.

Going Against The Grain

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There comes a time in one’s Eve career where you must stop taking advice and following the crowd, a time when joining yet another corp sounds dull and boring no matter what they have to offer out where they base their fleets. I used to take everything I heard over the years too serous and never bothered to “try” doing it in a different manner, whether it be a ship fit, a new way of running missions, or starting a new corporation. The first step to my individuality came when I co-founded a corporation with a new friend. We choose to go to w-space on our own. Having joined a number of corps already I had all kinds of thoughts on how to achieve this:

1) Gather around 10-20 others who we “need” to start the corp.
2) Find a suitable wormhole. Get a medium pos as the smallest acceptable size.
3) Come up with a complicated spreadsheet for corp payouts and Ore refining numbers for directors and FC’s to keep track of weekly payouts to members. As well as several other spreadsheets for other tasks.
4) Perhaps the biggest step: invest the isk to get our first pos up and running.
5) Come up with a labeling system for naming the various site bookmarks and wormhole connections.

All these things were common in every w-space corp I was a member of, so naturally I wanted to mimic what I learned and implement them into my new corp. Old conversations of ” we started with half a bill isk, lots of pos guns and T3 ships”, ” you need at least ten or more people”, etc etc. I however, had none of that. We were two pilots. Both with battle cruisers: a Drake and a Harbinger and less than 200 mill between us.
More over: we didn’t want a group with us, we wanted a private venture to make some isk with, temporarily, possibly becoming permanent.

We chose to break the rules, we bought a small pos, sold some assets for just enough fuel to online the thing and no money left for guns. We found a great C3 with a static C3 connection and began anchoring then dumping the fuel into it and brought it online.

Once it was up, we took our ships out to our static and began bringing in some isk. Over a few days we made hundreds of millions each, around 200-400mill/day. We used that money to re-invest in the pos, buying more guns for it, buying a few days worth of fuel, etc. We kept fuel lite knowing if we were found we would stand little chance against a hostile takeover and we didn’t want to waste the money isk filing the fuel bay up.

Weeks went by, we each got better ships and more pos goods each day with every cash out. We scrapped virtually every rule I had known… Armour tanking mixed with shields for my friend, less than half a bill in initial investments, virtually no one else but us living in the wormhole.  Over time we got battleships, T3’s of our choosing without anyone forcing us to go Tengu pilots or have some ridiculous pay sheet to look over on Google Docs.

It all started with taking a risk and going against the recommendations other eve pilots told us were the “right” way of doing things. If not for going with our hearts we probably would have joined yet another cookie-cutter w-space corp with a long list of rules and spreadsheets to look over, doing the same old thing we did in the past. Instead we played how we wanted, with what we wanted to fly.

It reminds me of battle clinic, or NPC chat rooms where ever single player is telling you THEIR way I’d the right way, the only way to fit your ship, or their way I’d the only path to being successful in your own corporation. Just the other night some new guy was being bombarded with scrutiny over his choice of laser turrets. Yet another “pulse over beam/beam over pulse” argument began.

Fed up with it all I simply write a small letter: use what YOU like to use, if you like sniping, go beam. For DPS close range fights use pulse, there is no right and wrong.

They felt better after my message, I’m sure he will pick whatever weapon style fits him and learn to use them properly over time. So many times in eve we get criticised for going against the normal methods, not following the crowd but all it really does it force you to play in a way you don’t want to, or feel you have to. Eve is vast, and wide open to explore if you only learn to do it your way and go out and explore what it has to offer you. Take some risks, but always have reserves if all should fail as it will many times over. You never know what you might find out there!

Back 2 Solo Life

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After an exciting return to Eve and a good run with a new friend, I’ve decided to go solo once more. The 2 man wspace run was my best experience in Eve yet!

Since I will no longer be playing as much as I was before I think it’s best for me and my partner to split up. No biggie, as we just will go our own ways. He’ll likely keep selling wormholes, and I’ll resume exploring random space for hidden profits. It’s always been in my nature to move around and not sit still.

Let’s see where my next Eve adventure takes me!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

It started with 100mill & a free gift

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I will start off by first telling a short story on how my new adventure began:

Soon a after The new Eveonline, Crucible expansion came out I started out with a simple free 5 days welcome back gift, and was very exited to see the new features and improvements. Someone was so generous to give me an etc (eve time code), I was overwhelmed with joy to be able to return to Eve for a while!

The first place I visit is the recruiting forums and the dreaded recruiting channel… Off of one advertisement for a large wormhole corp I found myself talking with some new friends when some guy randomly says he’s alone in his hole and wants to leave out of fear of being invaded by large corps who would see a lone pilot with a small POS. I mention my past experience with k-space, we start a private convo and agree to go out and run his home sites. Both total strangers only 10 minutes prior. He’s reluctant to share the location of his home and I leave my billion isk ship behind and take a throw away drake to run sites with.  We ended up partnering up, and now co-own our own new wormhole system with pos and have a great amount of isk coming up.

We’re now growing quickly, averaging 80-200mill/day. 9 days later and I have already plex’d my account twice and reactivated a third heavy industry pilot!

All this starting from a generious gift followed by a completely random encounter between two capsuleers. It’s amazing what can happen in Eve sometimes!

Now onto some personal thoughts on the world of Eve tutorials and typical advice most tell the new players of Eve:

I have always read and heard that you needed a lot of isk to make a living in wormhole space,one such guide on the Eve forums goes as far as to say 1bill isk to get started, let me tell you this: our small pos started with just a little over 100mill, my partner is around 2mo old. Basically only flies a drake, I have 28mill sp.

Now over time we have put a few hundred isk back into our pos and defenses. I’m tired of these guides out there constantly over-stating what people “need”, and what they “should have” to get started in Eve.

The guides may be right: 1bill or even 500 mill would make for an ideal setup, but it’s far from manditory.

Another issue are these “must” have level v skills. My friend is around 2mo. Old and under 3mill
Sp and he does most the pos work and had his operation going before I came.

I had always avoided creating a pos in the past because I’m always told to get starbase defense to iv or v, and had always been told all these things about skills and money, it’s just not true. This experience has totally changed my out look on Eve and starting my own operation.

My friend has learned a bit more over time and we’re expanding our operation, even brokering wormholes now. Quite a way to return to Eve online!

Starting any venture in Eve is risky, it’s a roll of the dice. We could have been invaded and died horribly in our first day, or made some noob mistake and gotten locked out… But risks can yield great rewards.

A little investmentand motivation can go a long way, even for new pilots. Of course I never did take my expensive ships and mods into my new friends pos, nor ever logged out in the ratting ship I brought along, always be aware your new friend could get greedy, or close a trap on you at any point, but playing smart, and being aware you can make a lot of isk with little investment.

What I learned from this little adventure is: don’t let being new discourage you from trying something in eve, or talk about large amounts of isk stop you from even trying. You never know how it could work out!

Kat’s Alt Soon To Return

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A lot has happened over the last few weeks, Katsumi jumped around 4 Corps trying to find a future venture in Eve. After going back to wormhole space I’ve returned back to nullsec for the time being. I hate this back and forth, but I’m not sure where I belong as of right now, and nullsec is my comfort zone.
While training for an interdictor continues, I plan to revive my main gallente armor RR and drone support alt in about a week! If all goes well in real life: I should be able to pay for Kat and my alt for 1yr. I can’t wait to get my alt back!

Once I finish up interdiction training in 22days (training for the ship plus the sphere launcher) I plan to finally take the route towards an Absolution. I’ve seen command ships in action and can’t wait to own one myself.
Not much else going on at the moment.

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