My First Real Blog

So after much debate I have decided to start my blog on here. This will cover much of Katsumi1980’s life as a MMO character including:

  • her life
  • her adventures
  • Experiences and opinions
  • Progress

I will also post some events in the personal life of the owner of Katsumi.

Many blog posts will be centering around my main character: Katsumi1980. She’s been my pride and joy for over 6 years now, and I plan to keep her alive for many more years to come. In short, this blog will cover everything from personal life, to my characters virtual life. I’m new to WordPress, but I am an experienced web-site designer and I’m sure this will grow larger and larger.

Where should I begin? I suppose there should be some detail into Katsumi’s origin.

She began her humble life in Silk Road Online, during it’s early days, before the first level cap, before all the game map was even playable (Much, much later, the Europe maps became available). I had never known about MMO’s, nor been much of a pc gamer at the time. This was totally new to me.

First came chosing a name and a role. I researched names online, and thought hard about all the different names and their meanings. I love Anime, and the Anime style girls, who are always extremely cute, Funny, and vulnerable, yet somehow turn in to mean ass-kicking machines with superhuman abilities when the situation requires them; only to turn back into their little school-girl like selves afterwards.
I also study Kung Fu (More specifically: WuShu, Northern styles). You always see in old Kung Fu movies where there is some lonely caravan going through some desert way out no where, and suddenly they get ambushed by a group of thugs. Fights go on and on, until: out of no where the hero shows up. I’ve always liked these heros. So Katsumi was made to play this role. it’s one I found out that is readily available in Silk Road Online (SRO). You have three roles in that game: The Thief, Guards, and the transporter. When you transport you take a horse, camel or other animal fully loaded with valuable goodies across SRO’s vast NPC areas. Unlike some: Killing is allowed anywhere and everywhere except NPC towns. You can be killed at anytime by thieves who will take your precious goods and haul them away. The further the town, the more abundant your riches will be.

I chose Katsumi (勝美)as a righteous warrior, protector of those caravans. Her  name means “Victorious Beauty” in Japanese. I hate griefers, with a passion. I dislike unfriendly, and rude MMO players who are complete asses and refuse to help others who need to learn he ropes, or help during transportation and quests. I believe MMO’s should be a friendly, social place. this does not mean I don’t like pirates, or ninja-ing around killing whoever you see. But how it’s done and in what manner.

Katsumi is a lot like myself in ways: Sociable, friendly, a little clumsy and talkative, and always out to help where she can provide services. She’s the innocent girl next door in a way. However: Like many Anime girls, she has quite the aggressive side if you push her. She fights with flurries of powerful, ranged attacks (Usually a nuker character) when in trouble, or her friends are in dire need of help. She aggressively fights for her friends and those who stand by her, and the occasional stranded stranger who will see her pop out of the shadows, save the day, and vanish only to never be seen again. She never asks for money or rewards of any kind. Her main goals are:

  • To showcase a fun and helpful toon for new and experienced players to enjoy.
  • To help those in need, whether it be transportation, healing, or information regarding game mechanics.
  • Put a friendly, warming welcome in the gaming community, screw all the MMO “I’m too good to talk to you” stereo-types.
  • Provide players with real answers, not: “How do I arm my weapon? Reply: “click your fucking mouse, noob”.

There are too many MMO players out there who seem to think they’re God’s gift to whatever MMO they play. They were born knowing it all, And they truly believe they do know it all. They’ve got no time to help newcomers.

Katsumi has sort of an evil twin. Tsukiyama.

Tsukiyama was originally born in SRO, but she didn’t blossom until Guild Wars. She is the other side of the coin, if you will. She possesses an interest that is also, like Katsumi, of a personal interest to myself: Necromancy.

Unlike Katsumi, Tsukiyama is a thief, a hardened criminal who uses dark magic, demons and other foul means to do her bidding. Usually in the form of summoning some kind of servant (I suppose Drones would be the equal in Eve) and unleashing hell through her raised minions. Although aggressive, she does not repeatedly seek out single players grieving them. But if they cross her path at the wrong time, they’ll always remember her. She fights first, and asks questions later. Perhaps to offset all my passive playing that is Katsumi’s style. Regardless of the game, their characters pretty much stay the same.

I’ve played quite a lot of MMO’s. None have connected with me since the early days of Silk Road Online, perhaps because it was my first MMO. That is until they raised the level cap, and later expanded the map to match the Europe version. Along with Aion I play:


9 Dragons

Guild Wars

Silk Road Online


Perfect World

Hero Online

Vanguard: Saga Of Heros

World Of Warcraft

Lineage II

Eve Online


Warhammer Online

Out of the bunch Aion and Eve Online have become my main, for now. But I do enjoy a number of others. Some I have not played in quite some time though, as in WoW. Which I quickly got tired of. I don’t believe in flaming people who like other MMO’s than myself though. To each their own 🙂


~ by katsumi1980 on December 7, 2009.

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