Old Games, Rediscovered

So recently I’ve been playing some old games that work on my old laptop while I sit in the office smoking. Two games: Indigo Prophecy, and Culpa Innata. These two EXCELLENT adventure games are GREAT. Possibly the best I have ever played. I’m really enjoying playing these two games again. I don’t know why Adventure games of these types hardly come out anymore. They are so in depth and rich in story and  content. Not to mention the controls which Indigo Prophecy uses. I’ve mapped the controls to use WSDA for the left movements and JLIK for the right movements. If you haven’t played these two games, I’d strongly encourage you to give them a shot! They are cheap, and worth buying off of steam. Also: I’ve got enough money to renew my Eve Online subscription before it runs out on Friday.


~ by katsumi1980 on December 8, 2009.

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