Katsumi Continues to gain PVP experience

So.. back in the days of Silk road Online, Kat has done SOME minor PVP, but never anything large scale. Since joining what was originally a wormhole corp, who lived in w-space since their introduction into Eve, moved out and into nullsec only 1 mo after I joined them. Initially I was sad. I HATED nullsec. Never made any isk out there, never got to take part in any kind of small or large PVP op. My new corporation has been great to me, there are many friendly and helpful folks around to help a nullsec noob like myself, both in corp, and in alliance.

Recently we have been gate camping… Well, ok, recently I have been camping, with my corp-mates. Until this week, i’ve been idle. I’ve been idle with my corp since leaving w-space. But I want to change that! So this week I began taking my interceptors, battleships, and hac out to join them. It’s been quite a week! We gate camped a few nights, and one particular night we got what looked like a moderate assault force. We had bubbled a single gate, and guarded it closely. We had 6 ships total warp in.  4 drakes, a Typhoon, and a Prophecy. We ourselves had several Tengu, a handful of T2 frigs, and me in a Stealth Bomber (my favorite ship, but one I am yet to kill in). We lost two ships, myself and one other, though I don’t believe anyone was podded. We took out the entire fleet, and got MOST of their pods as well! A victorious night indeed!

Vent lit up with joy, and “Good Job Guys!”. So tonight, it started once more. I was in my hac running plex’s when we got the notice that some corp (Who will remain un-named in this blog, since it’s public) set up a SOV structure in the sys next door! Our scouts probed and observed the traffic for a while, wow, a pos as well!

After much debate, we decided to attack! while we didn’t have enough capital firepower AT THE TIME to get the pos, we all went on red-alert, jumped next door, and began to pound on the SOV structure. The invading Corp sent out a few test fleets to try and test us, we were successful in once more, showing our might! After fending them off we eventually took out their TCU! I must say, Katsumi is catching the PVP bug!

I love it, and I love my corp-mates. Hopefully we will continue to show our worth to our Alliance members and those we are blue to. The old corp I was a member of had little success in the system we’re in, which was my initial reason for not joining my new corp in their nullsec venture. But I believe this time, we have the skill, and pilots to do some damage! And we’re not constantly feeding off of our blue’s teet all the time.

We’re a force to be reckoned with, and we’re slowly but surely becoming known!

Can’t wait to log back in tomorrow. I think my Eve boredom has been cured!



~ by katsumi1980 on December 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Katsumi Continues to gain PVP experience”

  1. This brings me to an idea:…

  2. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

    • All we can do is keep manning the post. Keep an eye out for those who may be trying to take our space. Since the original post, we’ve had numerous others come through, including one VERY large fleet with T3 cruisers, bombers and other ships. We lost one of our own, but killed and got the pod of all their pilots. We’ve now seen a decrease on the number of incoming pilots and corps. I think one thing we can do since we’re technically NOT a pirate corp is to make safe passage deals with corps or players, since we’re in nullsec. Anything that gets us some recognition. Though we don’t like to receive too much at the same time.

  3. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

    • Yeah, gatecamps are pretty easy to maintain with a lot of online pilots, and an easy way to do some somewhat safe PVP, to gain experience. It’s better than trying to go out solo, and finding yourself out-numbered 8-1. As for taking down the pos and Sov structures: it was their mistake to set on up next door.

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