Kat Joins Her First Ever POS Bashing Fleet

So the other night I meantion that we, Net 7, recently recieved some unwelcome guests to our neighboring system. These people never asked, started no conversation, nothing. Just dropped a territorial claim unit, and a POS RIGHT NEXT to our HQ system in nullsec! We initially took out their TCU hours before it was set to go online. WTG corp! We left the pos for another night. Tonight was that night. We quickly assembled a capital fleet, and as many battleships as we could gather. We had an impressive turnout! In the end we took out two cruise batteries, and a few warp disruptor before puttng the pos into reinforced mode. Tomorrow we return in exactly 21 hours to return to the POS and destroy it.

Katsumi has had the privilage to fly along capital ships and fleets that she once only dreamed about. Now it’s becoming a reality.

She faces one more path to chose: It’s been a while now, and it’s time I get a capital ship. The choice has to revolve around jumping ability and the ability to haul a decent ammount of stuff. We’ve got carrier pilots, and JF’s.  I don’t know what I want to do just yet. I’m heavily debating between a Jump Freighter, and a Carrier. Both are remarkibly close in training time. I believe there is only about a 30 days difference. In just 3mo. 10 days I could have myself an Amarrian Ark. OR, there is my debate of getting a Rorq. I could fly one in 76 days. I hear they are good in mining too. Something Kat doesn’t do much of, but the Rorq would have jump clone ability, AND i’d get some decent mining skills along the way.

The Rorq would do two things: It’s supply me with jumping ability to get in and out of nullsec quickly and safe, it’d have enough storage to jump most all my ships. Second: It’d introduct Kat into some decent mining ability for when plexing/PVP are not available, or get boring.

However, a Carrier would be great for pvp ops, and I assume it could do a great deal of other things as well. The Jump Freighter would be a great, quick way to get a good hauler, it also finishes Transport Ships & Freighters along the way

Now, Katsumi’s alt… She has under 700k SP. lol. What to do with her! I’m thinking of going straight for capital. She could have one in about 4 months. Technically beating Kat in the race to capital ships. However, if she’s going for capital fights, it’d be a different story, she’d need guns, reps and other stuff as well. Therefore I am thinking of taking her straight to a rorq. Or perhaps an Orca. Though I’m almost certain at this point she’ll be flying a Rorq by April or May, 2010. That is: If I keep her subscription going. it’s getting expensive with just two accounts.


~ by katsumi1980 on December 23, 2009.

One Response to “Kat Joins Her First Ever POS Bashing Fleet”

  1. Katsumi has achieved 4 goals that once seemed out of reach:

    1) Since first seeing a T3 Cruiser, it seemed so great yet so out of reach, Now she has all the skills to fly one effectively in nullsec.
    2) She’s got Hacking & Archeology skills.
    3) She’s finally gotten involved in large PVP ops
    4) Her first POS bash

    So I have to keep my spirits high for the future, and keep pressing forward… She’s dreamed of piloting a mothership/Carrier since her birth, I think it’s time it become a reality as well.

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