Katsumi’s Alt

A while ago I mentioned Katsumi’s alt, and the fact that she wants to grow up quickly.

She is now officially 57 days away from getting her Orca. I’m excited!

She is another inventor/miner/manufacturer. With that stated, I feel she can move up and onto bigger better ships faster than the pvper & mission runner. This is because with mining and building, it seems that the main objective is to haul as much shit in one load as possible, to mine as many minerals and ore as your hold can carry.

Perhaps after this she will move onto her Rorq training. Along the path of the Orca, she’ll develop her Exhumer skills along the way. Meantime: Katsumi will stand by in her other ship as needed, ready to carry away the ore, or mine. Both accounts working together.

I’m not sure who will do what just yet, but I figure having atleast one character able to haul, and mine will work out just great. Katsumi is 96 days away from flying a Jump Freighter. This will also aid once more in obtaining all the materials needed for mass production.


~ by katsumi1980 on December 30, 2009.

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