Katsumi’s Alt Joins Net 7

Net 7, the corp I am proud to be a member of. I’ve finally gotten my industrial alts into the corp. This means I have safe access 24/7 to nullsec mining resources. This will be an astounding step to my manufacturing resource, as I have access to all ores, all the time. I am also planning to deploy my own pos soon, so that I can research and produce at my leisure without having to search for free assembly lines at NPC stations. It’ll be my first pos ever, I’m excited, and worried. I’m sure it’ll be secure, but we’ve gotten a lot of intruders as of late as well. And moving to this step is a big push forward, and one I have little experience with. This also means my newest miner needs to be able to gather ice as well.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 2, 2010.

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