Last night Katsumi stepped foot in her first Tech III Strategic Cruiser: The Amarr Legion. This was a HUGE step forward for her. It’s been her dream and goal since first arriving in Eve Online. People seem to love or hate these massively expensive ships, in the end: They learn to pay proper respects! Of all the ships, why does Katsumi consider this a big leap forward? A few reasons: It not only shows her progress in ship skills, but also shows her financial well-being. For me it’s been a test of patience, facing long training times, and an almost unbelievable price-tag. So personally this shows some perseverance against impatience, and financial well-being. I saw something, I aimed to achieve, and I did just that.

Initially I had created it with my biggest issue in mind at the current time: Travel between nullsec & highsec. With the Legion’s unique abilities capable of equipping a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II as well as an Interdiction Nullifier, the Legion is unsurpassed when it comes to none-jump drive travel between nullsec and highsec space travel. This configuration does have it’s drawback, however. The two options means the ship receives less low slots, which the Amarr desperately need to be an effective armor tank. I suppose the balance is the stealth ability. It’s also worth the peace of mind knowing you can fly around freely without worry about interdiction bubbles and mobile warp disruptors.

As of this morning, I have re-configured my Legion for optimal DPS with a heavy drone bay, and a extra high slot, +2 low slots. This heavily increases my DPS via drones, plus one more gun, while at the same time hardening my tank even further. I should test this out sometime today and see how she fairs in battle. I am fairly confident in her abilities. Katsumi is slowly learning how to sink her teeth into foes.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “T3’s”

  1. After only a day, I cannot stand feeling so insecure in my home, I’ve reverted to the Covert Ops Reconfiguration and Interdiction Nullifier. For me: Half the price is paying for peace of mind.

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