Katsumi Achieves MINOR logistics abilities

It’s been a lifetime goal of mine to be able to assist those in need in ways of arming them, and supplying them with the modules they need in order to survive in the harsh reality that is Eve Online. However, since moving to nullsec this threw a kind into her plans. Nullsec travel is very unpredictable and often hostile and very dangerous. I’ve had to completely re-think my training que. A few days ago Katsumi finally got into her Legion through the means of PLEX sales. She’s now able to fly to and from highsec and nullsec in a practically danger-free method via Interdiction nullifier and Cov Ops Reconfiguration. I’ve enjoyed using this 700mill+ cruiser to get goods to our newcomers in our base of operations.

In about 67 days I’ll have Jump Freighters! Then I will be a true asset to providing assistance to the corp & her alliance! It seems we have many capital pilots already, but there’s never one on when we need them the most, or the ones we do have are sometimes unable to make trips for long periods of times. It is my goal as Katsumi1980 to make a full time job out of assisting our lesser privileged corpmates and alliance members who do not have a safe path to transport ships, mods, goods, ammo and anything else they may need out in our home, far away from highsec.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 9, 2010.

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