Lowsec Hauling

It’s a part of every Eve Online players life, whether you like it or not… Sooner or later you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with supplies from missions, PVP wrecks you’ve gathered, minerals or ORE you’ve mined, and random junk you can’t remember how the hell you got it. Eventually you’ll have to go out and sell, or go out and buy more supplies. In highsec this is a simple matter of filling up your Indie’s cargo hold and going on your merry way to deliver/pick up your goods. However, if you live in lowsec, or worse: Nullsec, you face a whole new set of obstacles.

You find your path is now bathed with people wanting your stuff, your ship, your pod, and your cargo. They’re waiting, everywhere… At your jumpgate, at your crynos field, and just outside the station. They’ve got bubbles along the paths if you’re in nullsec.

Katsumi first ran into this problem when she went from a 3yr old Carebear character, to joining a nullsec corp. First and foremost: You MUST get your training up for a Covert Ops Cloak II! This is essential for navigating around nullsec, and will assist you while in lowsec. Second is to train up for a blockade runner Transport Ship. Yes I know that the Covert Ops cloak, and the Transport Ships skill may seem like a long path, taking quite a while, but it’s worth it. And it’s essential. Earning these skills allows you to MORE safely traverse the lands and wealth of Nullsec and Lowsec. You’ll never know how you lived without them. Along the training path you’ll also earn up the Racial Industrial skill up to V. Which is in itself a benefit, even if you live in highsec with no intention of going 0.0, or lowsec.

The first tip I can think to bring up is SafeSpots. This is where you pick an object from your overview, which is within your ‘warp to’ option, warp to that option and while in mid flight open up your People & Places window, hit the ‘places’ tab, and “add Bookmark” while in warp.

This will set up an area in mid-space, off the radar for you to warp to. Name it “Safespot”, or anything you want. You can drop containers at these areas, and no one will be able to scan them down, They CAN however, find your ship at the location if you hang around too long. So get in, use your can, and get out asap.

when taking your industrial to nullsec or lowsec stations here’s a tip:

1) Go down to your destination and dock up. You may fly your industrial, Transport Ship, or Freighter (I strongly recommend AGAINST freighters unless you  have eyes outside the station), while docked, leave your ship. Get into a rookie ship, or your pod. Undock, immediately rotate the camera directly ahead of you. Often times there is an Astriod belt, planet or some other object that is directly infront of you. Highlight the object and warp to it. While in warp use the safespot creation method listed above, and bookmark an area during your warp flight. You may also leave your hauler in an adjacent system that is high security, if it’s an option. That way when you dock at your destination, you get a free and fast little rookie ship.

2) Return to your station.

3) Undock, either in your pod or frigate. right click and find your safespot bookmark asap, warp to the location. You should INSTANTLY warp to your safespot and find yourself floating in space. EXCELLENT! You no longer have to wait for the massive align time dealt with while undocking!

If your safespot is NOT fast enough, try and find an obstacle closer to the center-point of your undocking alignment. Once you find yourself a good point to warp to upon undocking:

4) Return once more, or go back and get your hauler from where you left it. While performing the 3 steps above, always look for who’s in local, and who’s hanging around the station. Dock up, do whatever business you have, set your next destination, and when you’re ready: Undock. right click, and warp to your safespot. You’re hauler will instantly warp, faster than MOST ships will be able to lock onto you. Now that you are safely at your safespot floating in space, you may now warp to your jumpgates from your safespot and resume course. This should be done for all the areas you intend to visit on a regular basis.

It takes time, but by setting bookmarks such as these in your normal trading posts you can save yourself the grief of losing your cargo and expensive haulers. Spend time, save ISK. Peace of mind. I have about a dozen or so safespots. One in jita (to avoid suicide attackers), and several inside other solar systems from which I often purchase or sell goods & supplies. Once the tedious work of creating safespots is complete, you’re all set!

Now it should be mentioned that Nullsec stations are completely different. You may find yourself undocking into a massive bubble surrounding the station. This is why I do not use nullsec stations, EVER. Unless I am using a T3 cruiser, or an Interceptor that can quickly run through a bubble.

Of you have the ISK, a T3 Cruiser with Covert Ops Reconfiguration, and Interdiction Nullifier navigation, you will  be both stealth, and immune to bubbles. This is ESSENTIAL for any nullsec travel. You will likely take a hit on DPS, and some fitting slots, as using those subsystems do not offer the best tanks, or DPS, but what they do offer is peace of mind. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend using it for PVP. You are NEVER 100% Safe in Eve, but you’re pretty darn close to being as safe as possible as you could be.

I hope the tips above help you with some of your hauling needs. Just remember a little bit of time, and awareness can really go a long way in helping you live more securely in lowsec, or 0.0.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “Lowsec Hauling”

  1. This idea came to me after reading some loadouts on battleclinic, most of the transport ships loads were made for lightning quick align speeds to hit warp before the enemy can lock your Transport Ship. Using my method above, you don’t have to worry about the huge alignment times when you undock. YOU DO, however, have to worry about the gates, always be ready for gatecamps. As stated above, if it’s an option, leave your industrial or Transport ship behind, jump to the lowsec or nullsec station in a pod, or small frigate FIRST and scout both areas of the gate. In lowsec there are no bubbles. However, in nullsec there ARE. Sometimes right outside the station making them unavoidable.

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