My Freighter

My freighter training finishes this moring. at 2:42 am Amarr Industrial V will be complete. Following that all I have is one hour for Freighters I to be done with. I’m quite excited. Even though I live in nullsec, I’ll have no problem finding a jump freighter pilot to ferry my stuff from home base in outer ring, to a safe system. From there I’ll haul it to a market area in my freighter to sell my stuff.

The first task of my freighter will involve moving all my highsec assets from all over the universe into one station, one area where I can keep everything. I MIGHT just liquidate it all for profit. Or I might keep a small handful of stuff such as ECM’s, ECCM, and a battlecruiser or two just for backups, as ship losses in nullsec happen a lot, at times you don’t expect.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 12, 2010.

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