System Invaders!

Last night we had one of our arch enemies in nullsec put a pos on a planet nearby our own POS in OUR system! We took action hours after it was up to take it down. Things looked good at first, but in the end reinforcements came to defend their pos, and we go wiped out. We chose to regroup this morning and go out and see what we can do. I missed the op, but all I know is their POS is still in our system…. Reporting more as I get the info.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “System Invaders!”

  1. After getting our own reinforcements in today, we took out the invaders pos, knocked down their guns, and all station mods. Got some nice kills as well! We return in a day to finish the pos once it’s out of reinforced mode. Today was quite exciting. Tonight’s fleet was Katsumi’s largest fleet op ever. I was totally stoked to be a part of such a large and dangerous fleet. We’ve defeated our enemy!

  2. ETA 17 hours. POS elimination begins.

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