Tried out Blogger

So, I thought I would give blogger a chance, but after viewing it for a short while I’ve found that WordPress is far better. I like the interface here a LOT more, I like the widgets and add-ons better as well. I’m not sure, statistic wise who uses what the most. But WordPress is far better. The only thing Blogger has that I feel is better, is the video options. Blogger lets you post your YouTube Videos, where as WordPress uses VodPod. Although it’s not too big of an issue, As VodPod simply imports videos from YouTube. I’m not sure why the site is simply copying all of YouTube’s videos. Doesn’t make any sense.

Still: WordPress will remain my home. I plan to buy a few of the add-ons in the future. The one I want the most is the Video addition. It’d be nice to post some of my Eve Online video captures and etc.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 20, 2010.

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