Katsumi Returns!

Kat returns to Eve, her account restored. My Eve adventures can finally continue! Upon receiving  my account back once more, I first logged in after changing passwords, both e-mail and game, changing API keys, then reinstalling eve, and logging in. Upon logging in I see CCP forwarded me 450mill. I was quite happy. I re-purchased my prized T3 ship, hopped in and flew home to CR. I knew I hadn’t been re-paid for my freighter, however. That’s 718mill ISk…. I took a screenshot of the hacker selling the ship on the market, and sent petition, hopefully I’ll be reimbursed for the sale. Once home, I qued up my next skill sets: Mining Barge II, and Transport Ships I. I don’t really plan to use a barge, but I figure the skill is nice, just incase I do want it sometime down the road. Transport ships, I’ve been looking forward to having for a long while. Finally: Signature Analysis IV, followed by V when that finishes and Covert Ops IV, for Recon Ships.

This will complete my short-term training goals. I’ve gotten most of the ships I was interested in, so it’s either on to carrier skills, or T2 large guns first.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Katsumi Returns!”

  1. Like! I kind of want my account hacked so I get a couple million…

    • Lol, well I got the few hundred mill in assets I lost though, so you break even, it’s not the same as getting free isk. After re-buying my Legion I was right back where I was before, lol. It feels good to be back. Message me in game sometime: katsumi1980. 🙂

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