Picking Up Where I Left Off

So as noted earlier, I regained access to my account, resumed & finished training mining barges and Transport ships. I’m pretty excited about getting my hands on a blockade runner, these are quite essential for lowsec/nullsec travel. A stealthy transport is always useful! Though they are NOT intended for large loads like a normal industrial, they can warp while cloaked which is a great addition for anyone living in nullsec like I am. I’m now training for Recon ships. These ships are GREAT support for fleet ops!

Today I spent a bit of time with corpmates, and gathering my senses in our home, this time without the system invaders present. Since we blew them out of the sky while I was away. It was a great battle from what I hear & saw on the killboards. I may have missed the destruction of their POS, but atleast I was there and part of the initial take on their POS taking out the guns, the crew and putting the POS into reinforced mode.

For now I go back to running plex sites, and ratting at my leisure. I think I am about ready to cross-over to my Gallente training. With my drone skills I could do a LOT of damage. And since they armor tank as well, I will have excellent tanking abilities.  First I will obtain T2 medium lasers, as this is ESSENTIAL to my long term goals, however. I’m still undecided as to when or even IF I will cross over. I’ve enjoyed the challenges of playing Amarr greatly. And on the killboards I am usually pretty high up on the ‘most damage done” during battles.

The adjustment from carebear to PVP living has been great. I don’t like pirating much, so our corps rules are working out great for me. Living in nullsec in a “Not blue, shoot it” system provides lots of excitement and challenges, more so than just going around killing innocent people who AREN’T fitted for PVP.

I always have to ask when people gank someone unarmed, or PVE fitted such as miners, or mission runners: “ya you killed the guy. but you’re basically killing an innocent person who can’t fight you back, they can’t return fire”. Even if they can, there’s completely different methods to fitting for PVP and PVE, so how does this show your skills other than you just being an asshole?

Now now, I know what you’re thinking “Carebear tears”, whatever. I think it’s a valid question. Who’s got more skills: someone who goes out, fighting other well-organized pirates, fitted for PVP and war, or someone who goes around shooting targets that cannot shoot back?

Anyone can kill an unarmed or inadequately armed target, but it takes skill to take out targets that are prepped and ready to fight back! That’s the only point I am trying to make. That is my daily living environment. Navigating space with people camped, bubbles out, and fleets armed to the teeth with PVP fittings. It has been a harsh learning experience, and a fun one at that.

Since both sides are ready to fight, there’s a true feeling of accomplishment in surviving a hostile encounter.


~ by katsumi1980 on January 28, 2010.

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