Aion Online & Eve Online

So, the time has come, I think when it’s possible, financially, i’m gonna re-subscribe to Aion online. One of my favorite MMO’s. It has BEAUTIFUL graphics, fantastic animations unmatched by other MMO’s i’ve played. Do NOT listen to those other flamers who say “Aion is just WoW with updated graphics”, it is NOT! There is so much to that game… And personally I love the quests. Quests are abundant and over-flowing at virtually every level. The PVP is fun and exciting as well. You never find yourself without stuff to do.

Aion also has one of the best crafting systems. Personally I hate un-rewarding crafting, I like when it’s simple enough not to take days/weeks, yet vast enough to keep things interesting. “Crafting” in Eve is far more complex than any other MMO, but hey, you’re manufacturing and producing ships/mods, and etc! lol.  I do not like overly-complex crafting either, such as Vanguard: Saga Of Heros. FANTASTIC GAME, but it takes so much teamwork to build one item, it’s nearly impossible unless you’re one of those big MMO geeks who lives in a basement with no job.

I originally designed this blog as a personal get-a-way for myself. My family and everyone is on Facebook, and MySpace and etc. and I needed a remote, private area to voice my thoughts and opinions. My family is Christian, and VERY opinionated, and it’s hard to voice my thoughts without offending someone somewhere. I moved from home to South Carolina to get away from it all. However, social networking has kept some of my problems following me. Soooo…. I came up with this blog. And since I am an aspiring Eve Online player, this blog’s main subject line will be regarding Eve Online but keep in mind: it’s still a gamer blog, and on the rare occasion: a personal life-story blog.

If you are a new reader of mine, I’d suggest going back and reading one of my first ever blog posts, my introduction. You’ll find it here:

So… Back to what’s on my mind with Eve Online… I have slowly gotten tired of our living in Cloud Ring, Nothing seems to be happening much aside from running plex’s, and ratting. Now I know it has it’s moments, and we have unlimited access to sites carrying 3-4 battleships per spawn, each with 1.7mill bounties, accompanied by cruiser sized rats with 75k-250k bounties. As soon as you finish one site, another spawns. You can do this all night, raking in the ISK, and I mean a LOT of isk…

But the same old same old had me on a burnout… That is, until some invaders came out, and started hot-dropping capital ships in our system, then even putting up a pos in our claimed system. This gave us something to fight for. The corporation is no pushover when it comes to PVP. Net 7 is powerful, they’ve lived in nullsec since Eve’s release. Moving to wormholes when they came out. So PVP and teamwork is just an everyday event for us.

During our huge battles with our enemy invaders I once more fell in love with Eve. Then suddenly in the middle of our battle my account was hacked, forcing me to miss our ultimate victory day. Now that i’m back, and the reds are out of our system, It’s back to the same old thing.

I’m debating of where to go next, do I stay with Net 7 or do I search out a new corporation? Personally I’ve always liked the idea of being a Merc. As long as they’re justified, and have morals and rules of engagement. Morality has always been a big issue of mine with some of the lesser-minded people of Eve Online: The greifers, the scammers and the miner attackers. Katsumi has always been known to be the hero who comes to save the ones who are weaker than herself. I’ve popped ships who were attacking nuets (nuets meaning they were neither friend or foe) only to lose mine due to concord or other means. As long as the guy being ganged up on got away with their ship, I was happy.

I feel this kind of play is almost completely forgotten from most of Eve’s harsh enviroment.  Even with the people I who’s cries I answer don’t know: “is katsumi really going to come and help, or is she going to show up in a PVP ship in fleet and kill us all?”. And it leaves me to wonder if they call upon a strangers help, and it happens to be me, will they try and ask another stranger for help, and be taken advantage of?

I am a role-player. Always have been, and likely always will be. I fight the good fight, and I am the voice and mind behind the character: Katsumi. Even though sometimes numbers have to be added to her name because it’s been taken already :-p

In real life I am a IT Networking Technician, a martial artist performer, and on the SIDE, a gamer. I feel I can really go places with Eve Online, spacecraft and spaceships, Sci-Fi battles, and free-roam have always been something I’ve LOVED and none offer it like Eve does.

So now the only question is: Just where DO I want to go next? Check out my link to the first post I’ve ever made above, and post a summary about your character, where he or she came from, his or her goals, and is this character a mirror of you, or simply a character of which their stories are played out by you yourself?


~ by katsumi1980 on January 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Aion Online & Eve Online”

  1. You seem to be very much so like me. I have contemplated AION, however, and never bought it quite yet. Since I purchased all the bad MMOs before it never wanted to invest the money quite yet. I really want to now that you have given it such high praise, maybe I can convice my friends to hop over, what server are you on? Maybe we could all be on some time?

    • Personally I think Aion is great. And for once they have enough quests that you aren’t looking around with nothing to do but grind monsters until you level. I play on the east meslamtaeda server. It’s a pretty good server, and not too much lag.

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