A New Ship To Fly

So, it’s been nearly 3 weeks, I never got my mods moved down to our nullsec home from our jumper guy, So I went ahead and spent yet more isk going out and buying it all over again. I bought myself a Sacrilege, Amarr Heavy Assault Cruiser for ratting when I am not pvping, as a away to fund my PVP.

After trying it out for a short while, I am VERY impressed both with it’s tanking ability, stable cap, and the DPS is AMAZING! I think I found a new favorite ship of mine. Currently my fitting is as follows:

Now I can take out the two BCU’s and replace them with two more, one Therm, and one Kin T2 hardeners. This would bring my tank up to 96% resist for therm, and 91% for Kin. SOLID! But I like the DPS. Because of it’s insane 877 DPS per volley, and my T2 small drones I can chew up the incoming ships fast enough to tank the rest. It’s surprisingly cap stable as long as I don’t perma-run both the T2 medium rep & the microwarp drive. I can keep either one running perm. though, or I can run both for enough time to keep myself fixed up.

I am so pleased with this ship, I think I’ll buy more when I have the isk, and at the rate i’m now bringing in income with it, I believe I’ll be able to afford another very soon.

As for other news: the goons are moving to their old home, and we just so happen to be in the pipeline of their old and new area. We’ll see plenty of Goon traffic in the coming weeks/months… Who knows what will happen with us.

We were in the middle for the big BoB fight as well, they ignored us. S


~ by katsumi1980 on February 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “A New Ship To Fly”

  1. Due to my findings with this ship, I’m going to work on T2 Heavy Assault missiles as well, they’ll come in handy in PVP if I should buy a spare to pvp in. ATM I carry some faction ammo in case I do get in a fight.

  2. Bah… I wish I had a PC. You’ll hear me say that one time.

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