We Grow Stronger

In times of heavy fighting such as now, we learn from our past mistakes, we learn to right our wrongs such as with the internal spies we had in Corp, and giving roles. We learn about proper pos storage and safekeeping ships.

Our CEO took full responsibility for the failure of internal security. However, we still have 4 spies implanted somewhere between our members….

Within hours we are restored fully active. We also were aware of massive goon traffic incoming, which was fine as they are just moving through our sys. These “Goonwaffle” people. It was quite funny to have our invaders do this to us, then get hit by goon traffic on the way out of our sys.

Each time we have been hit, we’ve grown much stronger and learn. In a way getting our asses kicked has helped us more than it has harmed us. I think being a wormhole Corp we were not fully in understanding of what it means to live in nullsec, since w-space is a lot simpler in the way of neighbors than 0.0. Though my CEO says they did live near BoB in early ‘03, so I know our elder members have lived with them.

Also: there are talks about a possible AAA blue status with us, not confirmed just yet.


~ by katsumi1980 on February 6, 2010.

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