Skill Piecharts

It’s been a while, so lets post my skill charts for main chars I play:

This char showcases Katsumi’s skills. As you can see MOST of her skills have been deployed into putting her in ships to fly, with support in Electronics and Engineering for support. I’m pretty happy with her progress so far. Gunnery is also a small part, and Drones as well.

I wanted her to be able to pilot many PVP and PVE type ships, and use drones well. I’m still not clear about which path she’ll take as I’m torn between all the choices eve provides.

My second char, Breadwinner was made to be an applicable trader secondary, and a good miner first. Her skills are showcased bellow:

Her big income bringer is from mining. She doesn’t have super trading skills, but enough investment in key trading skills to enable her to be efficient in doing so. She’s never been to nullsec, so I have not trained the A,B,C’s. In theory she would accomplish level 1 in all abc ores in about 42 days. However since she’s on Kat’s account, who is always busy in training, she’s never had the chance to move up.

It’s my goal to someday move her to a secondary account and revive her for a while to obtain a Hulk, and further her manufacturing and mining abilities. It’s been a secret interest of mine to try manufacturing, but I’ve never been able to pull myself away from fighting… It’s my lifetime goal to eventually have breadwinner, well, win the ISK to provide Katsumi with fighting goods, therefore I could support myself.

Once I am working again, and bringing in income I plan to renew an alt. account I have separate from Katsumi, and pay the $20.00 char transfer fee and revive Breadwinner and keep her going for atleast a year to dedicate mining and manufacturing skills.

I see these long-time players in our corporation: Ones who fly carriers and dreads, and yet also have Hulks and mining/manufacturing skills to boot, so I know I could convert Kat to mining/manufacturing at some point as well. But I think I still need a LOT more skills in gunnery to finish before I even consider that. I’m not quite sure, however, because with all things Eve, the skill que only seems to get longer, not shorter.

Eve is a game of patience & long-term planning. Which I am horrible at and need to work on this if I hope to accomplish what I want.

The problem is exactly that: Where DO I want to go? I envision Katsumi in a Carrier, supporting my allies in huge fleets of RR carriers and battleships. Before that I envisioned her in a T3 cruiser wrecking havoc, before that: envisioned her in a HAC raiding whatever/whoever came to cross her, before that: Flying bombers blowing up evil-doers in Eve.

All the above have come true, except the Carrier, which is still on my mind. Maybe only after that will I truly be happy and feel a sense of accomplishment. It seems so far away, but then again so did all the other visions I had for Kat, which have now come to pass.


~ by katsumi1980 on February 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Skill Piecharts”

  1. Would this not be smart posting something like this for your enemies to know? What program did you use or did you have to input everything yourself?

  2. No not really. It doesn’t really give any tactical information about how I fly and what I’m in at any given time. I used Evemon, it’s a great way to plan skills for what you want to use. It’s free. It’ll even show you which learning skills to train to reduce your training time, and how much time you’ll save.

  3. ah im a mac

  4. That’s cool. Ya man, ppl will get to know what ships you like to fly and etc, but they still won’t know your style and etc. I do notice a lot of eve blogs meantion the skills to train for certain ships and etc.
    Some even meantion their fighting style. I suppose it doesn’t hurt. Our invaders in nullsec like their ships a lot, and we’ve learned how they fly and what they fly and how their fleets operate just by fighting them, so I suppose Sooner or later ppl will know anyways. Lol. And it’s fun and educational to compair loadouts and skills as well.

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