Hellcats create new corp

So the sister half of the bastards, Hellcats have created a Corp in their alliance for one reason: to accomidate their male friends. These two corps have been on my radar for sometime now. I’m slightly tempted to check them out.

One thing though: I am not interested in low sec, nor locking myself out of highsec, forever forbiddon to ever enter a highsec market. Though it could easily be done using a hauler alt.

Negative standings seem like false gratitude to me, and I’ve seen what happens to those who grow old in living the “scary flashing red skull” life: it’s endless grinding at the mercy of yourslef and some friend who can help you rat out in dangerous places.

Sure it’s fun, but mark my words: if you ever choose to move on and try something new: you will be very limited in your options, atleast not without a lot of grinding.


~ by katsumi1980 on February 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hellcats create new corp”

  1. Having spent well over a year as a low sec pirate, let me tell you, there are things you can do to address being ‘locked’ out of high sec. Wait until CCP has their “power of two” promotions and take that time to train a hauler alt. You can get trained to fly a viator (flys cloaked) in less than three months if you start out a Gallente alt. Use that alt to keep your priate main supplied.

    A viator fitted with cargo optimization rigs and a full rack in the lows of T2 expanded cargo hold modules can carry a cruiser with fittings in the hold.

    I can tell you, Hellcats have a logistics side to their organization, keeping supplied would not be a difficult thing.

    • Thanks for the info. I still have a lot to learn as a nullsec/lowsec nooby. I’m finding the adjustment to e a fun one and I’m having a blast as I learn the do’s and don’t of traveling and living outside of highsec.

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