It’s Been 6 Months

Time sure does fly by. It’s been 6 months since joining my corporation and leaving the life of a Carebear. Recently I’ve been reflecting on how I used to look down on nullsec dwellers, any type of PVP, and so many ships/mods I once looked down upon. My first month of experience with them was in W-Space. Their hardcore style had been living in a wormhole (C6) since their implementation into Eve Online, and had been there until a month or two before dominion’s release. Approx 1 mo. after I joined them. I hate saying “Them” all the time, as I love my corp, but I know our security advisers may be against me saying anything aloud about our corp. Esp with goons moving through our sys and two other enemies. We’re the type of monster that lurks in your space, moves in via black ops fleets and goes unknown until someone spots us flying through, then we vanish just as quickly.

I really like their stealthy style. Moving to wormhole space through my happy-go-lucky carebear style through a huge mess of skill que changes, attitude & awareness changes, and strategic and logistical adjustments. It’s been a change I’ve enjoyed quite a lot. A year ago if you were to tell me about living in nullsec, or wormholes I probably would have laughed and reacted in your typical carebear type attitude.

Though I am quite familiar with my corp, hitting the 6 month period with them, I still don’t know much about how they’d deal with a full-scale invasion and such. I did, however, get a glimps of our true power when an invading corporation decided to go red to us, try and invade and even set up a pos in our cyno-jammed home system. Upon finding their pos, we amassed a HUGE fleet of our favorite w-space past-time: RR BATTLESHIPS! battleships, bombers, interceptors and recons on our side formed. Within minutes we took out their pos, repeatedly killed the invaders who got popped, returned home, and returned to try and defending their pos. It was GREAT killing each of their corp member time and time again. We must have gotten 4-5 kills on each char for a while as they tried to return and beat us, only to fall once more. After their POS exited reinforced mode, we quickly finished them off.

Now I find myself sitting in my force recon or bomber, camping gates, roaming, gathering intel and in general just having a blast in nullsec. I can’t imagine ever living in highsec again.


~ by katsumi1980 on February 17, 2010.

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