Another victorious battle

After yet another invasion, this time from a new enemy who put two of our industrial corps pos’ into reinforced mode. The day our first pos came out of reinforced mode we had less than a dozen show up to defend it, it went down quickly as a large fleet swept through to finish it off.

So today the other two pos left reinforced mode, we gathered in a huge fleet, staked out all enterances and gates with scouts and bubbles.

Massive fleets on both sides gathered. Finally after hours of waiting our enemy made their move, with us waiting. While we had dozons of ships caning gates and others repping the pos which was now out of reinforced mode, we began the massive battle.

We lost a few ships, but were victorious in delaying them long enough to both drive them away and rep the two other pos. Everything is restored, the enemy is defeated and retreated to their home.
Today was an exciting victory! I only hope that we can continue to have battles like these in the future. It’s so much fun being involved in huge fleet battles.


~ by katsumi1980 on February 20, 2010.

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