New Home In Nullsec

for those of you keeping up with my tweet may have seen our corp recently moved to a new home in nullsec. Our old home became a warzone… Between IT, Goons (Ex-goons), blade, AAA, and a few others. Our sys was right smack in the middle of their travel path. Therefore we had many, many nuet and red spikes throughout all times. Making day-to-day trips either ratting, getting supplies from highsec, or anything else became almost impossible.

Our new home is around 57-59 jumps away from out old. The old nullspace was a mere 15 from highsec. Our new sys is MUCH deeper into null space, BUT we have access with some blue’s outpost. Giving us a station just a few jumps away. After moving my shit today, a few times manually, the old fashioned way, I got bm’s for a nice direct highsec>home wormhole! The rest of the moving went great. The rats are awesome here, I never realized how much of a difference the security status and types of rats in the nullsec area matter.

We only have a few belts, but most have two battleship rats in them, with 1.4 mill bounties each. Plus cruiser rats with nice bounties. I net around 16mill today from a short while of ratting, and collected 1.5 GSC worth of loot and salvage. I also had two officer spawns, one last night for 8mill, and one today for a good handful of ISK as well. I am betting I already have 10-20mill in loot. Some of it is such great stuff i may not sell it, and instead fix up some cheap pvp ships with the stuff.

I know I bitch and complain a lot about nullsec from time to time, but I do enjoy things here. It’s just still hard for me to leave my carebear lifestyle behind sometimes. Though things like this make me remember how good nullsec is. On top of all the good isk and rats, there are practically NO reds or nuets in system. I have yet to see any today. I’m sure things will change once people learn we’re out here though.

But still: Life in the new home is great so far. 🙂

I try and post things such as moves AFTER we do so in order to keep some sensitive information a secret until ops are complete, in case anyone wonders why the delayed posts sometimes.

I am really looking forward to the future here! Oh, before I forget: the lack of any real threat around our system means we will have to learn to put together roaming gangs instead of just gate camping, that brings fun in the PVP aspect of our new home ^_^


~ by katsumi1980 on March 7, 2010.

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