Eve: Tyrannis & Other Gaming Munbo-Jumbo

I’ll kick off this Eve and None-Eve related blog with the none eve stuff first.

Yesterday I walked down to the nearest Gamestop and picked up my much awaited copy of Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3. I was SO excited about this, I have not played a normal RPG since FF VIII. My RPG life began with Final Fantasy 7, and grew passionate from there on. I enjoyed games such as Persona, Final Fantasy, and a few others. I fell in love with Final Fantasy 8, mainly because I felt connected with the main character, Squall. In fact, Katsumi’s personality which I role play is based off of a FF char: Selphie. Her always cheerful, happy-go-lucky attitude is one I have always loved. And her seemingly misplaced spot in the sanctum military was ooh so un-fitting, until she entered into battle where she unleashed her inner fighting spirit and brought on the ass-kicking. It’s this double-sidedness that I really enjoy.

Having not played a single RPG since Final Fantasy 8, I couldn’t wait to finally try another FF game. I’ve watched others play 9 and 10 a little, didn’t like the look of the one with the kids… And due to financial reasons never got the chance to really try any of them for myself. Except 11, online for a bit, which was O.K. but it’s just another MMO, and I’ve already got a TON of MMO’s!

Anyways: Since picking up Final Fantasy XIII, I have once again fallen in love with the RPG world. In fact: I have not even loaded up Eve Online since yesterday, lol. I love the character line-up. Though I cannot personally connect with any one char just yet, they are well developed and all have quite interesting stories and personal interests.

I reluctantly traded in Heavy Rain to get the money, I got $40.00 for it! Though I LOVE Heavy Rain, I couldn’t wait any longer for the new Final Fantasy.

Though the game starts off pretty easy, most of the time just using auto-attack, the later battles become very strategic, requiring you to change members role on a dime, to balance the fight out. I love it!

On to the Eve Side of things:

I am quite excited about Tyrannis! Planet exploration sounds very exciting to me, and I plan to make it a part of my life in Eve Online. There has always been an empty space in my heart when it comes to Eve Online, and I am thinking this might be my fix.

One thing people don’t seem to mention about this new expansion is that it’s perhaps the newest thing in Eve Online since it’s creation, or at least since Rigs, Wormholes… Sure sov changed the way nulsec works and how living there is looked at, but it was just a change of existing space. THIS expansion adds something never before encountered.

In my opinion this gives us newcomers to eve online, the chance to begin something new to eve online, and to be there since it’s creation and watch it grow over time. I would have loved to be a 5 year old-toon who had been with eve since it was a baby, and watched out everything changed, for good or bad.

This, in my opinion, gives newcomers to eve the chance to be the “first” hardcore members of a totally new, completely fresh, unexplored aspect of eve, and with the release of Dust, part of Eve’s unwritten future. THIS my friends, is evolution. Or at least the beginning of it.

Our second chance will come with the walk-in-stations expansion which is rumored to allow us to build custom stations interiors, services such as bars and lounges, lots of mini-games and never before seen mini-games. But that is a LONG way off.

Never before in my lifetime with Eve Online (I started in ‘080 has something completely new to Eve come into play, and I plan to make this my chance to be one of the few, first to try this as a full-time job.

My only concern is exactly how teams will work on planets. At first you may think “There are millions of planets out there in eve, it’ll be easy”. But consider systems such as the ones my corp and alliance live in: We have more than enough planets around, and many with 10+ moons each in our sys. Yet: every single planet, and almost every moon is already taken by someone in corp, someone in alliance, members who have 2-4 pos’ in sys. People who have POS in the neighboring sys, fellow renters putting pos on OTHER systems yet even further out… Then I think to myself: if we’re running out of moons to the point to where alliance is renting pos from others, because there aren’t enough moons around… How the heck would I find an un-occupied planet when there isn’t even half the amount of planets as there are moons!?

I’d probably end up calling dibs on some lonely planet somewhere, competing with a 4-year old toon’s fat wallet, offering more ISK than I could. There is a great deal of sharing and trading in planetary goods in the talk though, So that is likely to play a big role in how sharing one’s planet(s) will come into play.

Still, I can’t wait to see it in action in it’s full release.


~ by katsumi1980 on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Eve: Tyrannis & Other Gaming Munbo-Jumbo”

  1. Katsumi: Future investor in Planetary development and Industry.

    • Katsumi’s personality isn’t quite able to play out like she does in Aion, WoW, Leniege, and other MMO’s, since she’s just a mere Avatar in Eve, but I do try to keep her roleplaying spirit alive, personality and all. Along with her beloved sister: Tsukiyama, who’s lives will live on in the massive MMO universe. Kind deeds here and there, rescues of miners in troubled times by mercs and would-be pirates. Kat hopes to keep her “White Knight” spirit alive and maybe touch someone’s heart out there in the cruel world of Eve Online which was love and adore so much.

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