Back in the game

After a while of ratting, salvaging and looting out in OR I finally bought a pvp Armageddon as well as a PVP Harbinger. So I’m back in the PVP game of Eve Online.

My favorite ship has been the Malediction and the Purifier. For those who may not know: I am a dedicated Amarr player. I plan to totally max out all armor skills, cap skills, and some drone skills (Amarr Carrier, and effective Arbitrator drone ships). but both ships are paper-thin, and if you’re caught in a bad place, you’re dead!

So now I have some real meat to add to the field. My ‘Geddon has over 65k armor as a large buffer, ECM drones to jam, and med-light for small ships, and some light laser firepower. This ship is mainly for rescuing cormates caught by nuets in system. Some corpies are a little new to nullsec, even completely new and they tend to stick around in an astriod belt, YES A BELT! NOT EVEN A SITE YOU HAVE TO SCAN DOWN when a nuet is in sys. lol.

Yes they are asking to be shot down, but hey, I like to save ppl, remember? So I bought this bs to bring some hurt to the opposing side, while they attack my corpmate, I warp in and jam them, and fire away. Leaving my mate to leave, or join in. Usually we can get around 2-3 ships to help out.

My Harbinger is a DPS boat, with moderate tank, also intended for group battles. It’s sniper fit with T2 medium lasers, falls short from a battleships range, but it’s well enough off with T2 Beam lasers to bring the pain.

Up until now i’ve been relatively broke since moving to nullsec. This was the primary reason I chose the bombers and interceptors. Not just because they’re fun to fly, and deadly, but because they were CHEAP! For under 20 mill, and under 40 mill fitted, you’re set to go!

I’ve finally found the solution to my logistical problems with going to/from nullsec: WORMHOLES! Yes, once more I go back to my w-space roots & scanning. I’ve lost a LOT of ships coming in and out of nullsec in our old home, which was a mere 13 jumps from Jita… Our new home? Well, it’s over 42 jumps away…

Since losing so much, I gave up on getting industrials in and out of nullsec and to highsec loaded with goodies. **Pirates start your drooling**. I never salvaged or looted because of this.

Since last week I started salvaging and looting ALL rats I came across in our nullsec home, and taking wormholes scanned down as a way to get my shit out, it works, and works well!

My first week I had a mere two days go by before finding a direct wormhole from home in 0.0 to highsec. Over these two days I had 100 mill in bounties, and about 6.5k M3 in loot/salvage. All battleship stuff from belt rats. I made 49mill from the salvage and loot! Still have 5mill pending in orders yet to sell.

So this week I once again took up salvaging and looting. But didn’t have the time to spend day and night ratting. So I only made about 50 mill just ratting, but still got over 2.5k m3 in loot salvage. Making another 120mill today once we found another wormhole!

The lesson here is: DON’T IGNORE YOUR LOOT AND SALVAGE! I used to laugh at our new guys in corp who go around taking all our wrecks we didn’t want, while we made millions off of bounties, taking in your salvage and loot, investing in a good destroyer for salvaging and looting, as well as an industrial for hauling will more than double your income.

Take the time to learn scanning, even if it’s not your thing. Especially if you live in nullsec, W-space yeilds shortcuts that will save you dozens of jumps through null/lowsec and is a lot safer as well. Of course I recommend scouting the areas first for safety.  Some wormholes will be accupied and armed tooth and nail as a nullsec system, most, however, will be empty or those inside won’t even  noticing you passing by.

In short: A little time and investment will more than double your income. It looks like I’ve finally seen the light and learned how to make a living in nullsec, thus: paying for my pvp addiction as well!


~ by katsumi1980 on March 20, 2010.

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