So I got two more plex to extend my gaming subscription by another 60 days, so I have 90 days remaining now 🙂 I tend to chose my current training que to fit into my current subscription length… It gives me a sense of accomplishment that I can look back and say: “Well I achieve my goal before I lost subscription”. Though I usually end up making it through with enough to continue training. Currently Drone Interfacing V stands as my current and has a mere 14 days remaining! I’m quite excited about this. No other single drone skill increases firepower as much as this, with +100% more drone damage at level five.

I am strongly considering re-initializing my Carrier training as well after this que finishes, since it is part of the requirements to fly a carrier. I keep saying in past posts: It’s time Katsumi prepairs to fly a capital ship. Right now I think another carrier pilot, especially one like myself (Who’s online more than offline or afk) would help fleets a lot. With it’s RR capabilities, and handing out fighters to support groups. The Archon is my current goal.

Training for the Archon would also yield some good secondary skills as well: I would achieve Jump Drive Operation, a great skill for capital ships in general, Battleship V, Drone Interfacing V, Science V, Navigation V. A few skills such as the Jump Drive Operation, and Battleship V are required for Dreadnoughts, Black Ops. Some are also needed  for Marauders. So those two will help with OTHER capital ship requirements. The Black ops ship is VERY appealing to me as well as the Dreadnought. The T2 battleship: Marauder I don’t have a ton of interest in atm, but the other two ships I’ll take!

Only one thing hinders me from jumping on training for my Archon right away: The Tyrannis expansion, coming in two months. I had intended on going full-fledged into this new realm. Though in two months I could elliminate 60 days off of my 120 day Carrier training. So I might as well do it. Once I obtain my carrier the main goals will be: Fighters> RR Capital reps>capital sized guns>Clone Vat training and finally fighter-bombers. I want an Aeon! I’ve always wanted a mothership, and now that they actually have an undeniable role which is something to be feared and awe-inspiring (Fighter Bombers), I am going for one! The additional training needed for the other carrier skills adds over 90 days more to my already 120 day training que 😦 It’ll be a long road down, but hopefully it’ll be worth the effort. Carriers are also pretty damn cheap, cheaper than most capital ships and even the T3 cruiser (How sad is that!).


~ by katsumi1980 on March 22, 2010.

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