Kow Killa Returns

Tonight I was contacted by my old CEO: Kow Killa from the Three Six Mafia corporation. I hadn’t heard from him in quite a while, rumor has it they had disbanded a while back. Well, Kow Killa is back in the game once more and starting off with a new and fresh 0.0 pvp corp! I really enjoyed my time with them back in the day. They’re a group of confident pvp pilots with a great capital fleet and work well as a team.

Back then I was completely and totally new to nullsec, and living there was tough for me at the time, though I learned a LOT from Kow Killa and other members. At the time it just wasn’t for me, so I left to join Net 7, my current corp. I love it here, and I’ll probably be in Net 7 for quite some time. Still, being contacted today by my previous CEO has got me curious about going back. I think I’ll stay with Net 7 for atleast a month or so more and see how Kow’s new corp is going. Until then I’d recommend contacting him in-game to learn more about his new corporation. He’s a great CEO and has some nasty pirates and pvpers working for him, if PVP and living in nullsec is your thing: His corp probably has what you’re looking for! They also host mining ops on occasion as well, so if you mine don’t feel left out!


~ by katsumi1980 on March 26, 2010.

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