Why I Chose NOT to write Eve Fiction

You may have noticed that my blog is a bit more “plain” than the other blogs out there. I do not make a 5 paragraph article with an elaborate scheme and storyline on how I left-clicked the mouse and hit the “undock” button, but rather just write about what I am experiencing in game.

I would rather read a blog based more on actual events and experiences than read ones writing out long-winded stories about something their chars obviously did not do. Apparently there are a LOT of people out there who get really immersed into the Eve Fiction and storyline tails released by both amateur writers, and the seasoned writers. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read all the articles on Eveonline.com, I’ve gone through the history of all the races and etc. It’s why I chose my personalities to play the role of certain races all together. But out of all the MMO’s I have, and am currently playing: Eve Online’s day-to-day playing does not seem to connect to any storyline at all.

Infact: It’s my opinion that if you never read any of the storyline, you could get through the game with ease, as it has absolutely no impact on gameplay, and gameplay has no impact on the storyline. I just don’t like the long stories of some pilot chatting with his hooker for an hour and having some random encounter encountered and explained through a long 2-page article when in reality the person behind the keyboard hit ‘undock’ followed by ‘warp to’…

Perhaps it’s just my opinion (well, I know it is), but Eve’s a little too sandbox for me at times, lacking any story at all. Except those who’s moments are completely made up in people’s mind, and have no relevancy to what actually happened in game, or no impact to the real game.


~ by katsumi1980 on March 29, 2010.

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