Call For Help

So tonight we chased around a AAA guy who popped in and out of our sys. After finding out he was in pursuit of a fellow blue and attacking his carrier while he was running plex’s in the carrier we took our fleet and headed out to meet up with the blue, get him out and radio’d “We’ll get you out, save the carrier and let you go on your way”. We warped in and engaged, we knew it was AAA so likely they’d bring in a lot of reinforcements. Very quickly we had the carrier freed and the attacker locked and engaged. But one small little problem: The carrier just sat there, and sat and sat some more. I didn’t even notice and drones or fighters being put onto the target… We yelled out in fleet: “GO GO GO!”, he sat there doing nothing still. Our fleet and myself started taking some small incoming DPS, the carrier wasn’t repping either of us… Soon the inevitable AAA fleet came to back up the attacker… We said “screw this” and warped back home. I had to leave at this moment after getting back home, so I don’t know what happened to the carrier. Last I heard they launched a cyno ship into the sys. Most likely to take down the still sitting carrier…

I saw a few things wrong with this scenerio:

  1. We came to free the carrier, and he sat and did nothing while we defending him, including RR-ing us or deploying fighters/drones.
  2. He never got reinforcements to back him and us up.
  3. He did not listen to the FC’s commands to get safe

This last point is MY VIEW on carriers and capital ships (Please comment on this opinion!): Why should a carrier have to call for backup to take down a HAC? I don’t agree with Eve’s version of capital ships… I think it’s ridiculous they can be taken down so easily by none-capitals. They are all too focused on anti-POS roles and anti-capital (With the new Super Carrier roles).

I am sure the carrier could have made short work of the HAC if he were to fight back with drones and/or fighters, especially after we came to back him up. He had a good number of minutes to kill the attacker. I mean: 5 ships and a carrier v.s. 1 hac. If you’ve talked with me in the past about my opinions on Capitals you know my view of them is something of a massive ship that’s a nightmare on the battlefield, this goes for POS’s and sub-capitals alike.

Someone in corp mentioned the idea that CCP should add more variety to capitals. More specifically specialized roles. I personally would like anti-ship capitals. Perhaps anti-Frigate/BC/Battleship ones. Ones that cannot be taken down easily by normal ships, but would give out an immense tank and DPS to whipe out entire fleets on their own. To balance this: maybe there’d be some kind of fleet limit or whatever, or that is where the EXISTING capitals would come in: To take out the new anti-ship capital versions that would exist. I find it so irritating that they’re so fragile. It seems capitals are more of a joke on the battlefield than a threat. Unless of course it shows up to attack a POS.

I think a new variety of Capitals would be a good next step for CCP, more variety with specific roles on the battlefield. Maybe I just haven’t seen any good capital fleets, or maybe I’ve never seen a good carrier killmail, but it seems that no matter where you read, you see more of their deaths than their victories.

I’d be very interested in any good stories you can post for me that highlight capital influences where they played the main role, or a very good role in one of your ops. I’d love to hear any good stories about operations you or your corp may have that highlight these ships rather than talk about their destruction.


~ by katsumi1980 on March 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Call For Help”

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  2. mate, two words for you: ‘Triage mode’

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