Good Night Rating

So tonight was my first night rating back home since buying my Apocalypse in highsec. I jump cloned back home to earn enough money to buy some platinum insurance before taking it home to Wicked Creek, plus buy some guns for it. Insurance gives me a bit of confidence in taking my ship out knowing I’ll get SOME isk returned if something bad were to happen.

I logged in and jumped into my Sacrilege, opened up my bookmarks and warped into my 2 bookmarks in our nullsec system I had left (out of about 5 from today). I got a really nice Forsaken Hub and a Forsaken den which got me 25mill now 🙂

I also have around 7.5km3 in loot and salvage now. Another unsuccessful night of wormhole searching means it’ll have to keep building up another day until I find a route home. All I know is I’ll be pretty rich by the time I get out!

Next I want a Curse or Pilgrim for pvp. They are great ships.


~ by katsumi1980 on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Good Night Rating”

  1. lets see… 113mill + 25mill from today=138mill for the week. Man I am slacking with only 5 sites for the week so far… But at least I’m making SOME isk, not to mention about 2 weeks of salvage and loot. I guess that is proof, however, that I am finally able to play-to-pay for my Eve Account if I were to stop splurging all my isk on ships and mods. lol…

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