Productibe day

Today was a good day. After waiting for forever we finally pinned a wormhole two jumps from our home in nullsec. It lead directly to a lowsec system which had another wormhole leading to another lowsec two jumps from high. Natually the alliance jumped on this opporatunity.

I got my industrial full of about a weeks worth of loot and salvaging in nullsec out, our alliance got another pilot moved and a dread moved home as well has so e skiffs, barges and other ships.
Out of my salvage and drops I paid for insurance for my sniper apoc, fit some tachyons onto it, and also brought it back home. I got about 26mill left after paying 33mill for insurance and 60mill in mods. Not bad! So it seems today went rather well for all of us. The miners got their ships out, plus two orca’s last night, our dread pilot got in, our ratters got their loot moved and bought more ships, just over-all a good day. 🙂


~ by katsumi1980 on March 31, 2010.

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