Tonights Operation

Tonight was our night for roaming around Scalding Pass and Wicked Creek. An op scheduled two days before it was to take place. For a pure PVP corp this would be no big deal. But we do it all, we mine, we run plex’s, we rat, we even defend pos’ on occasion, gate-camp, we roam. A little of everything. One alliance member mentioned it’s his favorite part of being with us. He feels he has no limits, we don’t ever hear “Hey you can’t do that now, go back to mining!”. Or “Get out of that barge and come pew pew”.

This works great on an alliance level. We get tons and tons of minerals and ORE, hell it took an army of capitals just to take out our minerals with our Russian buddies. They get massive ISK, we get isk and etc. BUT when worse comes to worse our alliance is strong. Holding The Light Brigade at it’s best, against all odds. We pact together and we win, or lose as a team: Either way we have lots of fun. And we’re clean, no dirty tactics. Those in Eve who believe that deception, greed, and un-honorable tactics is the only way to win get a reality check. Yes, perhaps at times like this I realize THIS is where I want to be. It’s where I belong.

Tonight’s op went great. Fantastic turnout and we even got some followers through some blues who we met along the way who joined in for the fun, making our connections stronger.  Though we only found a few fights, and one that we took out a harbinger in, we did get ambushed by a carrier, and lost two ships, but NO pods, and we quickly killed the carrier’s support and made it back and resumed very shortly thereafter. Though some of our blood-thirsty buds didn’t get the massive fight we had hoped for I see this as a giant step forward: In the end we won in my opinion. And we have another coming up soon, and I see it going well.

In the past we probably would have died, but I see this as a sign that we’ve gotten a lot stronger since leaving W-space and moving to nullsec. Teamwork along with our great FC pulled it off fantastically. What’s more: We were in cheap fits, nothing factional or ISK-hungry ships. Expensive doesn’t mean better, not always. Anyways in short: It was a great night of teamwork, we moved swiftly system through system and it felt pretty damn good.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 1, 2010.

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