Fatal Day

So today didn’t go quite as well as last night. For starters we lost a TON of ships while on a mining op. We had a number of nuets and reds coming and going through our system all day which kept many members from either mining or ratting. Later on we tried to pull together a fleet and counter these nuances, we failed miserably. We had 18 or so in local, yet barely got 4 to come for backup and help us try to get rid of a few pesky nuets. The result? Our FC dying, and a few others along with one new guy not paying attention to our warnings not to come help, lol.

After our great show of PVP the other night we turn around and go back to our old ways… whatever… We need to be persistent in our force.

On the better side of things a few members still managed to make a few hundred mill today, and I got quite a bit done as well.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 3, 2010.

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