PVP Don’t Try To Impress Me!

One thing has always bugged me about Eve Online and the forever bragging portrayed by certain pilots. After cross-examining killmails, I’ve got a new respect for some, and find myself in utter laughter at others. I found one guy with one hell of a great K/D ratio. But upon examination, found that 90% of his kills were pods, or he got the pod after killing either a miner, mission runner, small frig or the like. 6 PVP fit T2 cruisers v.s. 1 mission runner in a cruiser or the like: Isn’t skill. Killing a miner while they’re out and about: Isn’t skill. It’s simply taking out an unsuspecting opponent.

Imagine for a second Eve is real world, and real-world bragging rights:

You’re this big-time crime dude, bragging and whatever, but since this is the real world: You’re in prison or jail sooner or later. While talking among fellow “hero’s” you and them talk about their famed profession. One talks about massive scams he pulled off on people: Real estate, money scams through investments and pirimed  tactics, whatever. Another pulls of some huge heists that make the hollywood movies envy of his big steals. It comes to be your turn: Your biggest stories are taking candy from kids, or the time you broke into an elementary school at the age of 30 and beat down a 6-yr but ran when the teacher screamed. Comical, right? lol. If someone really did that in the real world among other theives and “bad-boys” I think you’d get your ass laughed at. Suddenly you wouldn’t seem so big anymore, but just a small time petty theif.

This is the way I view those people who attempt to brag about killmail. I see some merc corps, others such as IT, AAA, and other members who’ve done huge battles, coordinated fleets and taken down large targets. Taken over or defended heavily populated areas. That to me is respectable. So don’t try to impress me with petty kills, show me something that shows you actually have skill. My K/D may be low, but at least I can vouch that each of my kills on the k/d was against a bigger foe than mine, and with guns at arm at that.

This has been on my mind for a while now. But it’s true: The killboard doesn’t always equal skill. Or tactic, in fact it doesn’t really mean anything other than to puff up someone’s own ego’s.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “PVP Don’t Try To Impress Me!”

  1. Usually i don’t like real-life comparisons but in this one you are right. It’s like when you get blown up in a suicide gank or loose your ship in a gate camp blob it feels quite meh, but if you get blown up after a tough battle when you and your opponent were in structure already it’s a great feeling despite the fact you lost. If you win after that it’s even better.

    Same goes for bragging after a Supercapital kill after it got desynced outside of POS forcefield. Great achievement, but doesn’t feel all that good.

  2. I totally agree; most of the people I see with impressive killboard status can’t stand up to scrutiny.

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