It’s Official: Katsumi’s Alt Returns!

So after my last blog, It’s become a reality instead of just a thought: I re-activated my alt’s account!!! It had been so long since I used her, I had to look at her skills and see where I left off… She had every adv. learning skill to IV, she had 3 or so spaceship command skills (laugh), she had 8 or so trading skills and a bunch of industrial skills, ahhh! Right! She was a major in mining, and a minor in trading. lol. Well, She’s being revamped! I took one of the two chances she has left to remap her attributes and optimized her for ship training and Drone Training. She’s Gallente.

Instead of shooting rocks, she will take her side by Katsumi1980 in nullsec as a combat fighter. She will likely first learn Covert Ops cloaking, then bomb launcher operation, Cov Ops ships (Stealth Bomber), and last: Torps. She and Kat will PVP together, duel bombers. Next she’ll hop into a BC or something and help kat rat. Or maybe she’ll rat first. Either way she’ll help out a lot.

Two armor repping ships will help a lot since Kat is full armor tank. At first I had thought about taking the lightning quick Caldari training into Shield tanking in a drake to solo sanctums and havens. But I’ve decided since I have the benefit of having two account, I can simply RR.  The Gallente HAC and other ships have always been of a very strong interest to me, and I know they can pack quite a punch, and with a buddy to RR, transfer cap, web, or pin the opponent: They’d be deadly!

Taking the armor route will be a lot longer than the shield route though. As well as gunnery over missiles. 70 day to a Ishtar, which is my current goal for my alt. I Set plans to up all her drone skills getting all skills to III for starters then putting the additional skills I want to IV and some to V. I could get her into a nice BC with RR drones to assist kat in nullsec very quickly. With Kat’s on-board repps and RR assistance from my alt maybe I can solo the bigger sites. I’m glad that I was smart in the beginning getting her learning skills up, It’s saved a lot of time on training skills up in the future.

I’ve made 400mill so far this month, proof I can already pay for two accounts simply by playing the game. With two accounts, this SHOULD double. Especially once my fairly new account catches up to Kat. New account sets at a little over 2mill sp.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 5, 2010.

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