Katsumi Takes On Training

So tonight I looked through all the other skills Katsumi could learn, for the sake of some pirate skills and my new found respect for the Curse. Which usually carries a strong shield buffer, this could be obtained with T2 large shield extenders and T2 shield hardeners in less than 1 week of training. Finding an abandoned Hurricane rigged, fitted, loaded with ammo sitting in space has also got me interested in training Kat’s other 3 races to Battleship level for the sake of stealing floating ships I may find. She can also gain Large Turrets in Hybrids and Projectiles in less than a day for each. Since Amarr also use Missiles, I already have Torps, Rockets, Heavy Missiles and Heavy Assault missiles. All are at IV and need missile launcher operation V to be T2 ready, except for rockets, which is already at V. This would make her more versatile on the field. Though I still plan to be very specialized in Amarr ships.

I may train my alt quickly for a drake with shield tank since it can be done in a matter of weeks, and the tank would enable me to take on Havens and Sanctums solo because of Katsumi’s massive DPS. She just lacks a sturdy tank against some of these. She can either Tank OR DPS, but not both since Angel rats do a good mix of damage types.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 5, 2010.

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