Katsumi’s Alt May Return

After my new found wealth in 0.0, I am now able to make around 60mill or so a week slowly solo-ing in my Sacrilege, more than double that in the week if I get to turn in my salvage and loot via a wormhole. Within a very short time I would have enough to buy a plex and renew my secondary account. My alt had 14 days initial trial of training time, which if I remember right was spent 100% on learning skills. She also had 30 days of paid, none-trial days, it’s sad, but it’s been such a long time I cannot remember where she stands with other skills. I know I had intended her to be a miner. But I am now strongly considering putting her into combat to double my income. I think she’d be ready to run most 0.0 sites in less than a month. Getting a Gallente HAC will be the first step. With a good T2 tank fit and T2 guns perhaps, but those would take total training to around 20 mo. probably, or just short of that. Katsumi could tank for her though, making it easy, and my new alt could help out slowly via added DPS.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 5, 2010.

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