What good can a noob alt do in nullsec?

Since activating my alt, and taking her into nullsec with only frigate skills and medium guns, I’ve scratched my head on what I can make her useful in within the least amount of time. I searched through skills over and over to make her useful since I’m impatient. Then it hit me: Within a few days she’d be able to dispatch ECM drones! Kat has all the ECM, webbing, scrambling, tank and DPS. The only thing she’d need help would be with perma-jamming hostiles. She can get a simple T1 cloak very shortly as well. This would be good for keeping my alt cloaked up until a hostile target enters system, then she can hope Kat gets aggro’d in, while she decloaks and releases drones. Kat then goes in for the kill.

After that I can resume my alt in training combat, but PVP comes first since our system has gotten hot the last few days. For now she even is of SOME use using frigs to scout ahead and sit at gates scouting ahead and getting directions of where nuets are coming from and going to.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 6, 2010.

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