First Day Ratting With My Alt

So today I have ran 7 sites so far, and have two more sigs scanned down for later, assuming someone doesn’t find them before I do and run them. I took my alt down in a itty bitty Exequror, It’s all she can fly until Gallente Cruiser III finishes (then onto IV, and Spaceship Command IV). With some medium blasters, and only very basic gunnery skills, 5 T1 Warrior drones. lol.

Not expecting much, Though she can RR armor already though! Kat in her HAC (Sacrilege), and my alt in her little ‘ol cruiser. Seemed to make little difference for now, but at least I get 8 drones for a little DPS instead of 3 light T2 drones with Kat alone. I did see a little improvement in time, I can’t wait until my alt gets a battleship, and T2 drones. She will probably go for T2 large drones as well as a hac. Katsumi also finished Drone Interfacing V tonight! Another 20% more damage output from my drones, making for a full +100% damage from my drones!

Current training que is T2 Medium Pulse lasers, since I already have T2 beams. After that I may go with T2 shield skills for extenders and shield hardeners. Then resume training something else. Not quite sure what, exactly. There is also the Orca and Rorq I want, mainly because of the Orca’s ship array, and large cargo capacity, and the Rorq’s Clone Vat, cargo, and Jump Drive ability.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 8, 2010.

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