I’ve Finally Done It!

I’ve put myself into overdrive lately when it comes to Ratting in our system. The last few days I have been quite lazy in getting actual business done. So over the last few days I’ve been grinding the hours to get my money flowing in. I’ve already been told over and over we have members making 100mill a day, easily (mostly capital pilots, though). So I figured I could make at least half that if I use my HAC and run sites all day long. On my own I run Hubs, Dens, and Rally Points, in all their forms from Forsaken to Forlorn and hidden. I do just fine. I also loot and salvage each site. It takes away my time I know, but I’ve made a ton of money when I’m able to sell it all as well.

As of today I earned enough to buy my first PLEX from the Eve Online market, without having to spend real cash to buy it! 🙂 100% through ISK earned in-game. The biggest help in achieving this was tagging along some of our great capital pilots who run sanctums and havens all day. We tor through haven after haven and sanctum after sanctum over and over in a matter of hours. After about a week of this I was able to get a few battleships, two Abaddons and enough to buy another Armageddon. Well, do the math on plat. insurance and you’ll find that’s enough to buy a plex. lol.

I’m quite excited. Though I did put in a lot of hours to pull this off: All I would need to do is put in this amount of time once a month or so and I’m set to pay for Eve simply by playing the game. Kat is close to a Carrier as well, She just might seriously consider training for one… In less than 3 mo. she’d be able to fly one, and start doing more sites solo.

So I guess my next task will be to use this plex to buy 30 more days game-time, then save up for the one-time expense of the Amarr Carrier & Capital Ships skill books. They will cost a little over 900mill combined. My ship will cost 750-ish mill, that is the SHIP. Excluding all my fancy mods, lol. Fighters I already can use. A super carrier would be bad-ass as well for the future.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 9, 2010.

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