Katsumi’s Alt is almost ready

Tomorrow my alt will be in her Myrm, blaster DPS boat, with drones to boot. Together that’s 10 drones on each target. Mediums, lights and Heavy drones. Should make running sites go much quicker. Tonight I bought another 14 skill-books for my alt, some basic skills and Drone Skills as well. Now to resume getting her into a battleship so she’ll be somewhat self-efficient in the larger sites. The combined DPS and Remote Armor repair assistance should be enough to take on Havens. It’s still a little risky, but they should be able to take them on in a RR fleet. This would double my income, more than double it. Kat still has trouble with Forlorn Hubs, I’m pretty sure two battleships, with RR support can pull these off. I’ll have to run some tests first.

Kat’s skills still need work as well, Armor compensation is only at level II and III for most, Those need to be boosted to at least level III and IV at the least to be enough. Hopefully within a few days I can get enough to buy a ‘geddon and Domi for a small RR fleet. DPS is the only issue. I am quite excited though, 10 drones is as close to a carrier as I can get for now, and as time goes by my new alt will only get stronger, and my 14mill SP main will get even stronger.


~ by katsumi1980 on April 12, 2010.

One Response to “Katsumi’s Alt is almost ready”

  1. I can finish the forlorn and forsaken hubs alone with kat, but she needs to kill 1-2 ships, warp out, warp back in and repeat 2-3 times. With two if us this will be absolutely no problem.

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