Where did I go?

It seems odd that the moment I get my pc back, the first thing I wanted to do was log into Eve Online and join all my good ‘ol corpmates yet it was the last thing I did! I just bought MAG for the ps3, and I am absolutely LOVING it! I am an old school counter-strike fan from before it was included with Half-life, and a css fan as well as tfc and tf2.
So natually when I heard ps3 had a full 256 player team based online game, I HAD to get it! So far I am really enjoying it. The double xp weekend has taken me away from eve for the time being, but now that it’s over it’s time to return to eve a bit more and get stuff done. I was lucky enough to log in and promptly get bookmarks to a nullsec to lowsec wormhole, which I promptly took my alt through and took her domi into nullsec through from jita. At last she has her domi in nullsec! Faster ratting and more money! Though my alt still lacks the skill to solo sites, she will acompany Kat through sites for dps and such. One small step! Now it’s time to save up for either a geddon or a apoc. I will probably go for a geddon.
As for now my goal is to try and save up for two more plex, one for each char. Hopefully I will get another job soon and stock up on some plex to extend my subscriptions since the initial cost of setting up and training my new alt has been somewhat draining on my wallet. Well that is all for now, but I will resume eve full-time soon!
Oh as a side note I signed up for gamefly, so far I find it pretty cool!


~ by katsumi1980 on May 2, 2010.

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