Eve Online & Mag

So lately I’ve been playing my PS3 more. I recently bought Bayonetta & MAG for my PS3. I LOVE them both. Bayonetta is a damn sexy, action packed slasher type game that is great for when you just want to go around kicking some ass (And seeing plenty of it as well I might add). I finally beat Bayonetta after about a week of playing, it was great. I plan to play through it again atleast a few times and upgrade more and get better scores, there is a lot to do.

MAG is the first console game to surprise me with it’s strategic and in-depth FPS style on the console in quite some time. I am an old-school Counter-Strike fan from before it went commercial. I also played Team Fortress Classic (TFC) and Team Fortress 2. MAG is impressive because of it’s sheer scale. 256 players! Objective based, and many roles to fill. Managing squads of various players adds leadership skills as well. Add all this up and you have one hell of a game. I just happened to buy the game 2 days before “Double XP weekend”, which earned me 17 ranks from Friday-Sunday playing. The hardest part was learning the maps, where the attackers are coming from, and the best area(s) to rush into for an attack. Once you get to know the maps more, then you are able to really enjoy the game.

On the Eve side of things: I’ve moved both my mining account characters into our home sys and hope to do some nullsec mining. ATM my goal is to go for profit, though I may use them to build ships for myself as well at a later time since I now have access to all the ores, 24/7. My alt went back and is training for a Covetor, with 20 days remaining until Mining Barge V. Kat is getting closer and closer to T2 large beams/pulse lasers, at which time she will probably train for Amarr Logistics ships next. In other news: A buddy from the blog world joined our corp. I can’t wait until he gets settled into our system. It is always the hardest part of nullsec to simply get moved in, but once you get yourself there, and your ships (We use wormholes), life then becomes easier, and quite profitable. We also have a joint-op coming up tomorrow, May 8, 2010 which I hope he can get in on the fun. Joint-ops with blues are great and it’ll show him what kind of a show we run here.

Really that is about all that’s been going on… My laptop crashed due to a virus, and I have no windows disks and restoration methods atm, so I installed Linux onto my laptop, which is what I use to blog with. My desktop where I play Eve Online is extremely uncomfortable and therefore I hate writing from it. Until next time! 0/


~ by katsumi1980 on May 7, 2010.

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