It’s Been A While

As of Tuesday of last week my computer is no more. It’s power supply literally went up in smoke. It’s fans had been slowly dying, and they finally gave out, leading the unit to over-heat. I am hoping all that it needs is a new power supply, and that it did not affect any other components of my PC… Until then: No eve online for me 😦

On the good news side of things: I was called back to work that same week for Wed-Thurs of this week. I finished my final day of the week tonight, completely exhausted! Though this work is at an assemboly line, and is generally easy work: it moves at a very consistant and constant pace, considering you’re being pushed product from a machine, which never stops, changes pace, or needs to rest :-p I am glad I got called back though, as it’s perfict timing for me to get enough money to buy another power supply and get back into Eve Online.

Since moving to my new location I haven’t done much, if anything, aside from play eve. It’s my only real getaway from everything else here. So I am quite bummed! Atm both my accounts are training Amarr and Gallente Battleship IV, So I’ve got my que covered for a few days. Later, a friend will update their que’s for me and keep ’em training so I don’t have to miss any training time.

The job I got called back for is one my temp agency has sent me to more than several times, I LOVE working there. For once I love all the people who work there, most are great people, the supervisors are cool as well, and we get plenty of breaks. It’s exhausting work though, but not bad. I am really pushing to get this job as a perm. position, I sure hope it does turn out that way. Today one of the supervisors are going to put in a good word for me, and I hope to atleast get another week in, that would be GREAT.

Until I figure out some way to get back into eve, or get my computer fixed, this is it… I’ll miss you, Eve Online ! **starts balling her eyes out**


~ by katsumi1980 on May 22, 2010.

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