T2 Large Energy Turrets & Mining Barge V

By the end of the week my main will finish with Large Energy Turrets V, the longest skill required for T2 turrets. I can finally then train the other two skills which take a short time to train. My alt will be done with Mining Barge V as well. From there I have to train Astrogeology V, and I’ll be set for a Covetor! Not too long after that she can be in a Hulk. I’m pretty excited. It’s something to look forward to. The T2 lasers are kinda exciting as well, but to be honest: I quite using lasers a while back. I always rat in my Sacrilege these days, as it packs quite a punch, and the missles never miss. With Lasers, it always seems to be a fight to track fast, keep the right distance, and so-on. And they seem weak. but I hear others say lasers are powerful, so I suppose it’s only MY lasers that suck :-p

Either way: I’m still excited to finally have T2 small-large pulse and beam lasers. It’s kind of exciting as well to see the upcoming release of Tyrannis upon us as well. Though I’m not sure what my part will be with the planets. Our corp seems to be making a hugely complicate deal of “who gets what planet” and how they’re going to be sold and etc. This is highly depressing. I’d like to just have my own planet, or share one, have fun mining and producing with it without worrying who’s going to charge me for what and who wants me to give them my goods, or go through the “I HAVE DIBS ON THAT PLANET, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT” deal. Thus my initial excitement for Tyrannis is almost completely dead.

It’s like mining in our system. You can’t mine the scanned roid belts. Because someone else found it, so that means as long as it exists, that person is the ONLY one who has rights to mine there, whether they’re actually there and mining or not. What you get is scraps, left over minerals no one else wants to mine.

In real life: Things have continued to go down hill. I’m in a pretty deep depression. Worse than I have ever been in (As if that were even possible). I still hunt for jobs online, and stores/shops I see “help wanted” signs in. It’s been almost 1.5 years now and all I’ve gotten is temporary work here and there to bring me a few hundred bucks for the month. It’s not enough. I still lack a car, phone, and everything else. Though I am grateful my aunt and uncle allow me to stay with them… It’s just not the same as when I was used to making over 4k a month and having my own life. It just seems impossible to get a job these days…. And it’s really starting to get to me more and more.

Because of my lack of income, a car, and basic communication tools like a phone, I haven’t made much social progress here in my new place on the other side of the continent from home as well. I’m used to being quite social and this only adds to my depression. It just seems like i’m slowly sinking into a hole and don’t know what to do. I’ve gone to job fairs, walked the streets stopping at all the stores and getting applications, turning them in, asking for managers to check up… Coming home and getting online, filling out more apps… I’ve been to work placement areas that train you and give help in finding jobs. It just seems there is no luck out there for me.

At first not working and only having to sit around and play eve, mag, and other games was fun, but it gets old. I have to work, i need to work… Why won’t any place allow me to have a life by offering even the smallest of jobs out there? I’m desperate….


~ by katsumi1980 on May 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “T2 Large Energy Turrets & Mining Barge V”

  1. Hey, sorry to hear your having a rough time, I know where your coming from, when your looking for work its a real uphill struggle, when I lost my job in IT due to downsizing I lost an impressive paycheck also. My philosophy was take anything you can get, store work is better than no work. having no car limits how far you can look for work so my thoughts are wih you in this difficult time. I would also say to you.. no mater how bad things seem now they will always get better. even if the current outlook is grim try and keep a positive attitude even if you really dont feel like it you’ll be suprised how much better things will seem with a more positive light.

    with regards to your corporation, it sounds like your with the wrong guys. I’m failing to understand why you should be paying for a planet when they didn’t have to pay for it to be there. It has been stated in the dev blogs that multiple people can use each planet so i fail to see why it has to be 1 person to a planet, that seems kind of selfish to me. either rebel and say your not paying for a free feature of the game or find some new pilots to fly with as these guys seem out for ISK.

    Well thats just my two cents.

    • Hey Fusion: Thanks for the advice. I know a lot of people are struggling with getting work, though they say it’s picking up more and more, so hopefully soon I can get something, I’ll take your advice and keep my head up, stay positive. I know it can make a big difference, just seems hard at times.

      My Corporation are good people, but the way our industry wing works is kind of rough, or seems that way to me. ATM we’re working on getting atleast 1 outpost, which is why all resources are being used. We also bought a bunch more systems from Atlas and are planting POS and upgrades for those systems. So a lot of people are helping the corp mining for fuel, parts and etc. There have been a LOT of talks about the PI goods being used for that sort of stuff, which is why ppl are already jumping all over them. The problem is: The elder members seem to get first dibs all the time, and the newer (Less SP) members get secondary because “You can’t mine as well or efficient as I can”. I can’t keep up with members literally running 8 alt accounts with rorq’s and several hulks (one player, 8 alts), times all our members. I think we got about 3 who have that many alts, and a few who have 2-3 alts who mine entire belts in days or entire single resources out of belts within hours.

      When I rat in our systems I can make about 50-80mill isk per day. So it’s not like I’m broke. And I’m sure something will work out with our planet plans. We plan on owning the constellation soon, if that happens: we’ll all surely find a place to share. It’s just that we’ve outgrown ourselves atm, and we’re waiting to upgrade all our systems and POS and etc. If anything I could simply use an alt on my account to do PI with and have fun.

      The cool thing I like about Tyrannis is that it’s brand new! So those 60mill SP players will start off just like me with 0sp in the PI skills :-p I expressed Tyrannis in another post here: https://katsumi1980.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/eve-tyrannis-other-gaming-munbo-jumbo/ as our (Us Eve noobs, and none-hardcore players) to experiment with an entirely new aspect of eve, Unseen before. I’m still looking forward to it, and maybe I will just go out with an alt for the planets until we get things worked out, and not so complicated in-corp. You make some good points and I appreciate your input!

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