Vetran Mode & MAG

I have been pounding away in MAG. Within the next few matches I’ll be level 51, Raven Direct Action Medic. I’ve began thinking about what I want to do once I reach 60, hopefully by mid-week. I’m quite excited. But it presents some questions: Where to go, what to do? I’ll probably stay at level 60 for a short time, perhaps a few days to a week simply to enjoy the freedom of having 60 skill points to spend. At that range of point I can have skills galore. I bought MAG on what just happened to be “Double XP Weekend”, starting as a Sniper, as I love being a long range hitter. I went through the ranks rather quickly, before buying into the p90 close quarters gun. The P90 is a deadly little SMG and has moderate range as well, especially with the reflex scope.  Later I ended up rescpecing my character and going Direct Action/Medic. And OH-MY-GOD! I make new personal records in points more than I ever did before. Not only am I able to mow down entire rooms of bad guys, I can heal wounded and fallen soldiers as well.

At level 50 I was able to dabble in a few other areas as well, such as re-buy some sniper rifles. It’s fun being a sniper, but hard to get multiple kills as with running-and-gunning with the heavy machine gun. Plus: I’m close to my comrades to keep them healed and alive. So the question is: What to do at level 60? I’m already constantly top 3 of my squad almost always without the vet. xp bonus.

The thought of starting all over again is kind of depressing, though climbing back up the ranks will go twice as fast. The second question is: Do I go back to Direct Action once more? Or try close quarters with my favorite P90 SMG and the shotgun? Either way I’ll start off with the medic upgrades, to make getting those points that much easier. Another delema is to switch sides. I have two alts, one is Valor and the other S.V.E.R. Out of all: I still like Raven, followed by S.V.E.R.

I never join teams “because they’re the best”, but because they suite my style. I’m a computer tech. So the “high tech” Raven is appealing to me. I also like their music, and MOST of their players. Valor seems annoying, though I’ve had a few good rounds with people who seemed cool, and S.V.E.R. is also great, and have some good people.

At this time I think I’ll stick with Raven for the second time around, or switch to S.V.E.R. It may be good to keep me interested by starting fresh and on a new side, full time, not with an alt.

So the question I’m gonna ask the readers is: What are your plans when you reach level 60? Enjoy having max points to spend? Switch sides? Or stay on the current side and try a different role? And why?


~ by katsumi1980 on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “Vetran Mode & MAG”

  1. Some funny things: people always complain about the SMG kills. Or note about the 9mm rounds being ‘too strong’ and etc. They go into this whole “A 9mm couldn’t do shit to you” bs talk and all. I invite you: come on over to my home and let me fire a few rounds with my gun I have at home, and lets see what happens. LOL. No one offers to be shot at :-p

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