Prepairing for Tyrannis

So Wed. night I logged in (A little late) to update my Eve Online client and hop into Tyrannis. Katsumi starts training for some basic PI skills, enough to get a few things done and help out when needed. Meanwhile here alt trains for max PI skills to do the heavy lifting. I want kat to do PI as a secondary for the time being and for her alt to go all the way with it. Once Kat has the basic planetary skills to III and IV, she’ll resume her T2 large energy turrent training, then onto something else. Her alt will keep going with whatever skills are related to PI and those that will help her achieve her highest goals.

One thing I really like is a lot of Planetary Industry will be used for POS modules, SOV structures, T2 components, and much more. This will make doing T2 work a bit easier if I ever want to get into it, it makes getting POS fuel easy, and so much more. I like the Nanite Paste you can make via PI as well, since I use a lot of it :-p It’s small I know, but hey, it’ll save me a few mill here and there :-p I also posted it in FB and got a few replies that ppl would use me as a supplier for it :-p so hey, there’s something in demand. Ofcourse POS fuel is one of the highest atm, and other pos components as well.

As long as my alt can train and use all 4 tiers of equipment, and manufacture, and Kat can assist when needed, or move things around and pick them up, I’m happy. Kat will remain combat training though for quite some time, this is where I love having my alt and the ability to duel-train since my Alt can do all the new stuff without slowing down Kat’s skills as would be if I used one of the other character slots on Kat’s account (skill pausing and etc.). Who knows though, she might get more into it depending on how big it gets. We’ve got to remember that CCP seems to have huge plans for Tyrannis’ future, especially upon the release of Dust. So who  knows exactly what will become of this. Kat does have a distant future plan: Incarna. I want to get into the building of custom-made station building as mentioned in the old fanfest video in which CCP mentioned your ability to custom-create stations, stores, even robots to sell things to customers. However, that is a long, long ways off. Which is good though, Kat still has lots of skills to learn! By then she should be in a carrier and/or other capital ships, have armor comp. skills maxed, and be quite mean on the battlefield.

Incarna is still my ultimate goal, the expansion I am eagerly awaiting and looking forward to.I’ve been slacking on Eve, I have not spent enough time ratting to buy a plex to renew my alt… So I gottta pay for this month via cash. Kat’s account expires late next month… So she’s gotta get in gear and start running sites! Well, I can’t wait for this two-week period to go by and have CCP seed all the planetary goods to the market. Time to buy them a.s.a.p. once they’re out and get to work. I’ll begin in our home systems which are all nullsec. So nullsec will provide me with my initial thoughts on PI and the ability to build. It seems a lot simpler than mining in Nullsec. Mining takes up an enourmous ammount of space… ppl in my corp fill up entire hangers full of nothing but minerals in a matter of days before compressing the ORE down and repeating the process.

Due to the PI materials being much smaller in size I hope I can get by O.K. without a pos. We’ll just have to wait and see!


~ by katsumi1980 on May 28, 2010.

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