Personal Notes for first PI Product

This is more a reference for me on how to make my first product using only PI. But if you want to make the same thing, or want to see something from start to finish, feel free to follow. This post will be updated as needed. Last Update: July 13, 2011 1:33A.M.

First Attempt To Product Product: Product: Nanite Repair Paste.

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Nanites: 4
  2. Data Chips 1
  3. Gel-Matrix Biopaste 1
  4. Nanite Repair Paste Blueprint

Planets Needed to Complete all prerequired materials:

  • Lava
  • Oceanic
  • Barren
  • Gas

Begin Mission!

First simple Ingredient required: Nanites. Requires: Barren Planet to produce end-product.

Build Nanites using barren planets. Need 2 basic processors. One producing Bacteria from Micro-organisms, other producing Reactive Metals from Base metals.

Input Bacteria & Reactive metals into adv. processor for end product: Nanites

–Project: Nanites Complete–

–Core Ingredient 1 Complete–

Next Task: Data Chips. Requires: Ice, Lava & Temp planet to produce End-Product.

First Task: create needed Supertensile Plastics:

Produce Biomass by collecting Planktic Colonies on either Ice or Oceanic planets.

Produce Oxygen. Need Noble Gas converts to Oxygen on Gas, Ice, or storm planets.

Combine Biomass & Oxygen to form Supertensile Plastics.

–Supertensile Plastics Finished–

–Keep Supertensile Plastics–

Next Tier: Need Microfiber Shielding. Planets Required: Ice, Lava & Temp.

First task: Make Silicon. Gather Felsic Magma from Lava Planet. Convert to Silicon.

Second task: Make Industrial Fibers. Gather Autotrophs to convert into Industrial Fibers from Temp planets.

Combine Silicon & Industrial Fibers to make Microfiber Shielding.

–Task: Microfiber Shielding Complete.–

–Keep Microfiber Shielding–

Combine Supertensile Plastics & Microfiber Shielding to create Data Chip.

–End Core Ingredient 2–

–Data Chip Created Sucessfully.–

Next Core Ingredient:

Make Gel-Matrix Biopaste. Planets required: Storm, Barren, Gas:

First Task: Create Oxides. Use Oxygen and Oxidizing Compound to produce.

Collect Oxygen gathering Noble Gas from Gas, ice or storm planets.

Next: Collect Reactive Gas from Gas planet to produce Oxidizing Compound.

Next: Combine Oxidizing Compound & Oxygen to produce Oxides.

–Production Oxides Complete–

–First step complete–

–keep Oxides–

–Next Task–

Create Biocells.

Collect: Noble Metals from Barren or Plasma planets, convert to Precious Metals.

Next: gather Carbon Compounds from Barren, temp, or Oceanic planets to make Biofuels.

Combine Biofuels & Precious Metals to create Biocells.

–End Task–

Biocells & Oxides Complete. Ingredient  for Superconductors complete.

–Keep Oxides & Biocells–

Next Task: Create Superconductors

First: Collect Water by gathering Aqueous Liquids from any of the 6 planets. Convert to water.

–Water complete–

Next make Plasmoids by gathering Suspended Plasma from Lava, Plasma or Storm Planets.

–Plasmoids complete–

Combine Water, Plasmoids to make Super Conductors to make last and final product: Super Conductors

–Final Ingredient Complete–

–Keep Super Conductors, Oxides, Biocells–

Take All output finished products ingredients above, combine:


Super Conductors, Oxides, Biocells.

Produce Final Product: Gel-matrix Biopaste.

Final product: Gel-Matrix Biopaste Complete

Mission Complete!

You now have: Nanites+Gel-Matrix Biopaste+Data Chips. Combine with Nanite Repair Paste blueprint to complete product manufacturing: Nanite Repair Paste. Original post by me myself: katsumi1980, using as a reference.


~ by katsumi1980 on May 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Personal Notes for first PI Product”

  1. Ok this completely wore me out. I think setting all this up will do me well in game for 1 product… lol. Though combinations of all the sub-products that make some of the end products can be mixed to make yet OTHER products, so the same setup could help you out with other end-products you might want to make.

    These were made with Katsumi1980 & her alt both taking on indivudual tasks and a checklist of ingredients as I set up my planets. Note that due to not having the time passed to actually hold all the required planets: I haven’t physically gathered the above in game, actually. But partially, and in theory once seeded on the live server, and enough training time has gone by: This SHOULD work.

  2. Does your equation up top mean you need 4 units of Nanites to 1 unit of Gel-Matrix Biopaste and 1 unit of Data Chips?

    If so, damn.

    • Yep. for nanite repair paste. I didn’t expect to have to do all that either. I basically blogged as I figured it out. It worked great though.

      I used that formula in nullsec for a few months. I got pkenty of paste for pvp and even clearing out sites, giving/selling to alliance.

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