Eve Tyrannis: Farmville for Eve

So since 2 days ago I logged into SiSi servers for the first time in 3 weeks or so. I moved my ships to our home system, and created 3 colonies on both Katsumi and her alts accounts. 6 colonies total. Together they’re using pure PI to make a product, which happens to be nanite repair paste. It requires two p4 products which makes getting the whole sum of goods interesting. On top of that I needed 6 planets to get the parts. It’s all fun and good though, as my product was up and going very quickly.

Now to the title of this blog: extractors have an interesting way of working: you scan for resources then choose between your option. Each has a cycle time, and a time to live, as well as different numbers on how much stuff will be extracted.

I found myself thinking “omg I have to log into sisi! I have a batch of bacteria finishing and reactive metals and I gotta redo the extractors cycles!” or: “good thing I chose something with a 23 hour lifespan!”.
It reminds me of my family who play farmville or cafe world on facebook: “hold on, my crops are ready and I can’t leave just yet”, or “No I can’t go right now, I have food that will be done in 5 minutes, I need to be here or it’ll spoil!”.

I find myself saying: “I gotta log in, launch the goods from 3 planets to xfer onto my adv production planet to get their goods into storage or my planet won’t be cooking any superconductors!”. Haha, just a thought. PI = farmville for eve


~ by katsumi1980 on June 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Eve Tyrannis: Farmville for Eve”

  1. Very accurate… but then I think the same could be said of any industry in Eve, t2 production, and pos management, in particular.

    • Ya I didn’t think about t2 production. I’ve never tried industry much in eve, this is by far my biggest project. Which is nanite repair paste. I needed two p4 and a p2 product for the bpo, it’s pretty fun and it’s making me want to get into eve’s great industry profession more.

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