The Big Bad World Of Industry In Eve

So up until recently: Katsumi has only dabbled here and there in mining. I spent half of last year in a wormhole space, and my other time in Eve living in nullsec. This was a move made after a year in highsec. Spoiled by highsec security, and getting by with mediocre skills. Moving into w-space then immediately into nullsec gave me access to all the 0.0 Ore’s gallor. There was only one problem: I knew nothing about cloaking devices, transport ships, and how to move or get around between nullsec and highsec effectively. I’ve finally gotten accustomed to being able to go back and forth safely on a daily basis. Well, more like weekly, if that. As I go out: stock up on supplies, and fly back home, 50-odd jumps into deep null with supplies. Now Tyrannis comes…

With PI comes some cool shit: POS fuel, nanite repair paste (which I have become fond of since living in null), T2 components, and more. This has sparked an interest for me to dabble with one aspect I have not done before in Eve: industry. Specifically: Planetary Industry, or PI. I’ve spent an entire week soley dedicated to SiSi server in our nullsec home. Building what I HOPE to mirror on Tranquility on June 8th. I feel I’ve gotten a good handle on things now.

The initial shock value of “ok, you need these two main P4 goods, which are made up of 2 P3 producs and a P1 (or p2, can’t remember) product. The P3’s are made up of two or so P2 products which come from two P1 products. I started off looking and cross-referencing from Eve Academy’s resource pages… I was completely lost! So I wrote a blog, counting each item as I saw was required. Finally I got it all organized, hit the SiSi servers and began making colonies. Within an hour or so I was all set up, and extracting goods, and piecing together P4’s to make my final product.

It’s been an exciting adventure, and I plan to mirror my colonies on the live server once it’s all seeded . I think I’m becoming interested in Eve’s vast and sometimes complicated industry career track. It’s not as bad as I had initially thought, and everything makes sense. I am curious as to how many other first time industrial enthusiasts will come out of hiding, inspired by Tyrannis! My personal reasons for trying this out are:

1) it’s somewhat easy, it’s all done in one area: Planets. No need to run and gun in various combat sites to gather datachips and etc. then mine, THEN go to an agent and put it together or whatever.

2) it’s none-intrusive to other tasks in game. You can manage your colonies from pretty much anywhere once they’re up and going. Meaning I can go out and rat, venture into w-space, or be all the way back in highsec and still manage my colonies and production on the fly.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 3, 2010.

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